Strike A Note Of Controversy with Colin Bizzeth aka CBiz

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Strike A Note Of Controversy with Colin Bizzeth aka CBiz

Who is Colin Bizzeth aka CBiz?

Trying to imagine the world without hip-hop is almost unfathomable, as hip-hop has a profound influence on media, fashion and popular culture. For our next featured entrepreneur on Diamond Legacy Group Spotlight Monday, Hip Hop has become a creative outlet for Colin Bizzeth aka CBiz, founder of the About Nothing Podcast (ANP) that provides a new found perspective on modern media and trending topics. 


Every Monday, CBiz, Cake and Kilsy entertain their audience with relevant debates, discussions, and banter. Their sheer enthusiasm and fast-paced chats have paved the way for ANP to be considered a must listen to podcast. With random talks on sneakers, hot trends and intriguing topics on love and relationship. They also manage to feature some dope special guest for thought provoking interviews. CBiz's heavy appreciation for lyricism, artistry and hip-hop culture has helped to facilitate the various avenues the show touches upon. 


Colin background has also solidified his expertise and notoriety in music and inevitably marked his pursuit to follow a career in the entertainment industry. While looking up to his uncles and following records labels such as Roc-A-Fella, CBiz continues to immerse himself in the culture of hip-hop, which has undeniably facilitated his growth and development in other aspects of his life. As an avid sneaker lover, he is the founder of, a blog and online magazine for sneaker heads. With a strong sense of community behind him, CBiz’s brand continues to grow to profounding heights.

The Interview

Strike A Note Of Controversy with Colin Bizzeth aka CBiz founder of About Nothing Podcast
CBiz founder of About Nothing Podcast & Kicksaddict

What made you get started in your industry?

Growing up I was always into media (Music, radio, movies, magazines and television). I was the kid reading album credits to see where the music was recorded, who produced what and what studio was used. I sat and watched movies until the end to see the credits. I read magazines from cover to cover, particularly hip hop magazines. Media was always fascinating because on the outside it looks fun but on the inside, it’s this well-oiled machine consisting of many valuable parts that make things run. Everything that I was interested in I got my feet wet in that particular field. I started a record label, managed a few artists, directed videos and put out my own records. I wanted to act, so I began writing small screenplays in school and later on, I began acting in a few films, I also wrote for the college school paper (music review). Radio was very interesting to me as well, so I signed up to get my own radio show in college, later on, I began my own podcast.


Walk us through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did?

The decision to start my podcast was fairly easy. Folks would read my Facebook and twitter and always tell me, “Hey man you should start a blog or radio show”. When one person says it, ok maybe but when two, three, four, twenty people say it then maybe you should consider! I called a good friend of mine, Cake. Called him on a Monday. Purchased some equipment on Wednesday and by Friday we were recording our first episode. The About Nothing Podcast Was born. When I have the wheels spinning in my head I have to just go! Stillness is death.


What do you consider are your specialty?

My specialty is hip-hop. I grew up in hip-hop. I’ve studied it. Some would call it a culture, a way of life. Whatever you want to call it, it saved my life.


Do you see yourself making this full-time?

Absolutely. Doing what you love will never feel like work. People wake up every day and go to a job they don’t like simply because of the money, but what about your happiness? Everybody is alive but not everybody is living.


What can we always expect from your company/brand?

You can expect to be educated and also have fun. Life is about balance. We talk about everything on our show, nothing is off limits. We come from an objective place, we discuss things respectfully and honestly.


Strike A Note Of Controversy with Colin Bizzeth aka CBiz founder of About Nothing Podcast
Cake, CBiz & liveoutloudkilsy

What was the best advice you ever received and why?

Believe in yourself, no one else will. I’ve always had to have confidence in myself because I came from a place where I was told I was going to be nothing. I wasn’t the tallest but you couldn’t tell me my shadow wasn’t 6’4.


What tips can you recommend that you’d most likely only share with a close friend or comrade on success?

The best thing I could say is to keep going! Success isn’t overnight and even overnight success takes ten years. Make sure it’s something you love to do and that you’ll do for free.

Favorite online resources such as Evernote or Dropbox that you use for your business?



Can you recommend one or two books that have been influential in your life?

The Autobiography Of Malcolm X and Rich Dad poor Dad.


What can we expect from you and your company/brand in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, you can definitely expect growth. Hopefully a morning show or maybe even our own network.


What do you think will be the next big change or shift in your industry?

The big change is actually happening now and I’m glad we are a part of it. Podcasts are popping up everywhere, the voiceless finally have a voice and people are realizing that at a rapid pace. This is the golden age for podcasts, the questions is, will some of us be around in 20 years?


Cbiz founder of All About Nothing Podcast & Kicksaddict
Colin Bizzeth aka CBiz

If a young entrepreneur walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

Consistency! Don’t stop. Once you stop you’re 4 steps behind. And never ever listen to people who tell you that YOU Can’t DO IT! They’re only saying that because THEY can’t do it.


How do you define a legacy and what are you doing right now to create one?

A legacy to me is leaving something behind to your kids/ or the generation behind you so that they can use to either better themselves or build on. In my case, I’m leaving behind a hell of a work ethic, ideals, and principles for my babies. I want to be wealthy but if I never reach that level I want my babies to get there and trust me they will, they’ll have a head start. I never had a head start, my parents never gave me the tools. My kids will have a big head start so they’ll be secure and hopefully, they’ll pass the knowledge and tools to the next generation.

Colin Bizzeth aka CBiz Social Media

Must Read Book?

The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

Rich Dad Poor Dad

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As a husband and dad, Colin is taking his passion to new levels as he helps to motivate, inspire and educate others. We are truly honored to feature this amazing entrepreneur, as we are excited for what's ahead for CBiz. For more information on the podcast contact CBiz at or visit his website Be sure to follow him on social media:


We hope you enjoy reading, as it was an honor to interview a phenomenal purpose driven individual.


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