The Rebirth of Cool Bearded Dapper Fundraiser Event

The epitome of cool is always challenged and reformed with each new hot trend that hits the fashion scene. Igniting their own take on coolness for a noteworthy cause The Bearded Dapper Gents present The Rebirth of Cool; a fundraiser event to support the efforts of purchasing suits for future rising young black male moguls in the tristate area. Striking a cord between philanthropy and event planning, the Breaded Dapper Gents brought a taste of their bold charming style to the evening. With those in attendance dressed stylish for a night of fun, fashion and entertainment, the Bearded Dapper Gents "BDG" left nothing to the imagination. Through their audacious fashion sense and fly chicness, these men captivated the room and it was clear to see BDG are far more than just a group of well-dressed black men.


Nestle Snipes and Melissa Diamond at The Rebirth of Cool
Nestle Snipes & Melissa Diamond

Collectively, their objective is to change the public's and media's perception on how black men are viewed through changing the imagery currently present. By sharing and exhibiting black men in a positive light their mission is to shed knowledge on black unity and provide support as well as patronize to local black businesses, franchises, and establishments. By changing the viewpoint of black men these suave well-dressed brothers are looking to change the world. While it's always important to acknowledge change, it's most imperative to be the change you want to see.




Member of The Bearded Dapper Gents
Photo Credit: @nestle_snipes412

To ignite this change, The Bearded Dapper Gents have started a grassroots initiative called "A Brother's Duty" a partnerships among black-owned non-profits to revolutionize the young black male perception. in order to equip them with knowledge and basic fundamentals through mentorship. A Brother’s Duty’s core principle is to empower and support the black male youths in New York by providing not only mentoring but services that include the youth being outfitted in a tailored suit with transportation and lunch being provided for the day. Once tailored, a special moment will be captured on film and photographed with the mentors involved in the process. Currently, three nonprofits Pens of Power, Foster Care Unplugged and 100 Suits for 100 Men are sponsoring and sourcing the young moguls for the day



Liz the Intnl diva host of The Rebirth
MC: @liz_the_intnldiva


On July 30th, The Bearded Dapper Gents held their fundraiser to commence further monetarily support for their worthy cause. It was amazing to be guests at this event as the atmosphere was filled with positive energy and vibes. If you would like to show support and donation online at


**100% of all proceeds will go toward dressing young gentlemen for success** 



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The Huffington Post Bearded Dapper Gents
Photo Credit: Collis Torrington   The Huffington Post Bearded Dapper Gents: Changing The Narrative And Perception Of Black Men One Image At A Time


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A women holding You Should be Bearded Sign Event
Photo Credit: @stuylin

Photo: Nestle Snipes / @nestle_snipes412 

Photo: George Myrie / @stuylin 

Photo: Collis Torrington / @photosbycollis 

MC: Liz Intnldiva / @liz_the_intnldiva 

Music: Dj Spin Laden / @djspinladen 

Lounge: Suite 36

Sponsors: Flame Keepers Hat Club -Tishonna Ferguson (for Tish Ferguson Artistry)
-Leonard & Church Watches
-Handmade Events
-Land Yoga
-Terell Shaw (Terell Shaw Millinery)
-Ann Claire Millinery A Brother's Duty

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