Social Event Yetunde Oso The Entrepreneur Experience


Social Event Yetunde Oso The Entrepreneur Experience
Melissa & Rodney

When building your brand you want to practice good strategies that will allow you to emulate and cultivate your brand into omnipresence. Easier said than done, right! But the journey is half the battle, we understand the road of an entrepreneur is not an easy one as it is filled with lots of bumps and bruises along the way. We had the opportunity to be guests at an amazing event in Brooklyn, NY (whoop Whoop BROOKLYN) as a panel of successful entrepreneurs explored their secrets of building a brand the smart way. The event was held at Amarachi Prime Restaurant located in the heart of DUMBO heights. The astute panel consisted of business owners, entrepreneurs, and founders that provided guest with an opportunity to explore the Entrepreneur Experience first hand as they shared stories of their successes and roadblocks. Let’s briefly explore this innovative panel.


“Behind every great brand is people. –smart, ambitious and impatient people. People who believe in their brand so deeply that they will do anything in their power to make it a success. This passion creates an energy and a momentum that makes a brand infectious.” - Yetunde Oso


Sharon Beason - the visionary and founder of several businesses describes herself as a serial entrepreneur dedicated to providing all women entrepreneurs with a voice, Ms. Beason is a connector and through her brand womeneur, she shows women how to strategize and develop successful businesses and organizations.

Social Event Yetunde Oso The Entrepreneur Experience
Melissa Diamond Sharon Beason Rodney Diamond


Daron Pressley - A former student-athlete, is the founder of Premier Athletics. Through its training programs, the Premier Athletics prepares students athletes for the road to professional success. Pressley’s goal is to grow his business to a point where his lifestyle is not only maintained but can thrive, support and employ others. As a consultant, he has produced thought-provoking content that has been featured on major networks as well as renowned newspapers and magazines. Through his sales and marketing background, he has developed strategies to grow, build and strength brands.


Anie Akpe Founder of IBOM LLC is a business professional and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. Working to aid small business around the world. Ms. Akpe is a pioneer and advocate on guiding businesses to have sound results not only in strategic development but also in technology innovation, resources, events, and media. She recently launched a networking app that will allow individuals to network and exchange business cards electronically.


Joseph Adewunmi- Restaurant owner and entrepreneur, is the founder of Amarachi Prime Restaurant and Lounge a laid back bar eatery which brings Afro-Carib infused dishes to its customers. Named after the owner’s mother. Amarachi is an establishment that provides its customer with a professional atmosphere filled with live music and entertainment. Mr. Adewunmi objective is to provide a melting pot of delicious cuisines that stretches beyond the imagination.


The event was hosted and facilitated by

Fatima Samad jewelry designer of Design by U and Joshua Femi Korode aka JFK, Master of Ceremonies which provided family friendly comedic relief and humor for the afternoon.


Social Event Yetunde Oso The Entrepreneur Experience
Miss Olutosin Araromi, Miss Nigeria, USA 2015- 2016.

Special guest was Miss Olutosin Araromi, Miss Nigeria, USA 2015- 2016. Graduating from college in a few short weeks, Miss Araromi has a bright future ahead of her with plans to start her own nonprofit. She has used her platform to bring awareness to breast cancer and health education. Her nonprofit will focus on bringing awareness to issues pertaining to health, education and the empowerment of women,




An event like this wouldn't be possible without the hard work and dedication of its team The Upper Room Events and their leader, Mrs. Yetunde Oso. As Mrs. Oso, so elegantly phrased it “Behind every great brand is people. –smart, ambitious and impatient people. People who believe in their brand so deeply that they will do anything in their power to make it a success. This passion creates an energy and a momentum that makes a brand infectious.”

Social Event Yetunde Oso The Entrepreneur Experience
Team The Upper Room Events Photo: Toyese Adeyeye


The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Gbenga Omotayo a Brooklyn-based entrepreneur that is helping others reach their potential to live the life they want. Through mentorships and transformational speaking, Mr. Omotayo inspires, motivate and educates. His message is based on cultivating kingdom entrepreneurs to develop their God-inspired ideas into profitable business ventures. His work has transformed many and continues to reach the lives of others in ministries and small businesses in order to help them effectively integrate marketing communications and business networking to increase production and revenue. Check out his book “How to start your own business while Employed” and his weekly podcast “Platform for Success”.


Lydia Hills, Esq provided her legal expertise to round out this incredible afternoon. Her message was substantial as she educated the audience on taxes and becoming a corporation while stressing the importance of protecting your intellectual property. As a Vice President of the Nigerian Lawyers Association. Mrs. Hills provides an array of legal services for Entrepreneurs, Non-profits, and Businesses. The Hills Firm provides cost-effective solutions and legal advice in the Fort Green/ Clinton Hill Area of Brooklyn.


Social Event Yetunde Oso The Entrepreneur Experience
Yetunde Oso Photo: MUA Victoria Dada

A creative director and all-around boss diva Mrs. Yetunde Oso is the powerhouse and visionary behind this production. A true gem of a womeneur. Her posse captivates the room and leaves an impact. Founder of the Upper Room Events , Mrs. Oso has the experience and dedication to bringing luxury and elegance to every event. The Upper Room focus is on providing its clients with a memorable event they will never forget. The Entrepreneur Experience surely lived up to the prestigious standards of its creator, as guests we were able to experience first had what motivates and keeps these Entrepreneurs at the forefront of their industry. Through hard work, meticulous details, coordination, drive, determination, precision, and ambition you too can become successful. A take home message from the event was you have to stay connected and always be ready to learn more and acquire the skills needed to promote your brand. Social media is your friend, use it to your advantage stay consistent and build an audience. It was an honor to support such an astounding event. We had a chance to  meet some amazing people and hope one day we will be able to speak on a platform like this as every entrepreneur should have an outlet for learning and discussion. We hope you enjoyed this post it was a delight to write and Until next time Happy Reading!!

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Photo: MUA Mark Adams (Cover Photo)

Photo: Toyese Adeyeye (Facebook)

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Gbenga Omotayo
Legal Advice: Lydia Hills, Esq. Vice President of the Nigerian Lawyers Association


Sharon Beason @shamayb  Founder of @womeneur 

Daron Pressley @daronpressley 

Anie Akpe @anieakpe

Joseph Adewunmi @dine_amarachi

Fatima Samad
Joshua Korode - MC JFK

Special Guests:

Olutosin Araromi, Miss Nigeria

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