6 Things We Wish We Knew Before Joining A Network Marketing Company

6 Things We Wish We Knew Before Joining A Network Marketing Company
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Growing a successful network marketing business can be an incredible experience that no one can really prepare you for until you are actually in the trenches doing the work. As we reflect on our time in the business, there are a few things we wish we would have known before we started building. In retrospective, would knowing this information stopped us from building a team or giving our very best to reach the top of the company’s compensation plan. It’s possible, but we truly believe nothing you do in life is by coincidence and that it is all designed to propel you forward down your path of greatness.  Whether you left the business or you aren’t as successful as you would like to be in your current opportunity or you if just feel you stuck? We want to share with you a few things we wish we knew before getting started and things to keep in mind when you are first starting out. We currently are no longer actively build a network marketing team. Note, this post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
Building a successful Multi-level marketing, abbreviated as MLM, business takes work and sometimes more work than you originally thought it would. When we got started, our adrenaline was pumping, as we knew this opportunity would not only change our life but the world. With our heads held high, we went out there started talking about our business things were going great and wham! you stop getting the results you used too, people stop taking your phone call, your up-line stops calling and you are not booking as many home parties as before.

It’s a Marathon, baby!

The very first skill we want you to understand is network marketing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. This journey is not for the feeble-minded. There are going to be as much ups as there are downs and sometimes more downs than there are ups. While most may portray this business as a get rich quick opportunity, rarely does it actually happen. Once you embrace the fact that this profession can take as much time to build just like a brick and mortar business, the more you will see the path to the top more clearer. This is your race, how fast you build determines by how fast you move. 

People are your friends, speak to them!

If you are an introvert you may find this task daunting. As it very easy to fall into the trap of continuing to talk to the same friends and family members about your business, with hopes that they will finally have a change of heart and join your team. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone as this strategy will not take you to the top. While the numbers may vary, all top leaders are talking to new people every day. There are billions of people on this planet, it’s pretty impossible to run out of people to talk to. We know talking to strangers can be scary especially when you grew up believing you should not talk to people you don’t know. However, to see growth, you are going to have to get the courage to do it scared. As this is your business you have to decide how badly do you want success? How fast do you want your business to grow? It’s all about numbers, the more people that hear your message per day the faster your business will grow.

Excuses killed the Cat!

As much as we would like to pin our faults on someone else. Your success is not your sponsor’s responsibility. It’s yours. You will hear over and over again what is your “why” why did you get started? The reason to why you got started probably had nothing to do with your sponsor or your up-line leaders. They are here to be your guide, not to hold your hand, take advantage of all the resources around your books, podcast and YouTube videos. (MLM nation, go pro or your first year in network marketing). The road towards success can just be a click away and never for one second believe it is up to anyone else but yourself to achieve it.


Have fun!

 It’s ok to have fun with your business, work should be a challenge and the challenge should be having fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. Sometimes we take things so seriously and forget everything doesn’t have to be so ridged. It’s ok, if you let prospects see the real you and how your business falls into your day to day schedule. Life is crazy and showing your authentic self-shows prospect that they too can live this life, have fun while making money.
As this business is a numbers game, it stills relies heavily on faith, desire, and belief. Faith that you will make it, the desire that you can be successful, and the belief that you can make it to the top

Personal Development

The more you work on yourself the more you can grow as a leader. The commitment you make to improving yourself can lead to your business growing substantially. By taking the time to learn more enables you to help your team members as well as increases your knowledge and ability to handle any obstacle that comes your way. Always be willing to be a student, as most top leaders spend a significant amount of money on learning and having a mentor so don’t be afraid to learn as you grow.

This is not a 9-5, treat your business like a business!

 In reality, most people fail because they treat this opportunity like a hobby rather than a business. It’s very easy to fall into that trap as no one is holding you responsible. In a 9-5 you know what your job is, you do it and then you go home. In a network marketing business or MLM, no one is going to call and asked you how many people did you prospect today. Did you have a home meeting or are you coming to the convention. Accountability falls all on you and no one else. You are the boss! Similar to work if you want to get the big results or the big promotion you have to work hard and stay committed. 
We understand Network Marketing has a bad reputation to the majority and it’s not the perfect business but we were up for the challenge. From everything we’ve been through, we have learned if you don’t have a whatever it takes mentality. Getting started will be hard. If you are not willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes your business will never see the success you envision. As this business is a numbers game, it stills relies heavily on faith, desire, and belief. Faith that you will make it, the desire that you can be successful, and the belief that you can make it to the top. Never quit always make goals bigger than yourself. When you take the focus off you and make it about helping others you will see the change in your business and your success will be by default.
We realized no matter how much success you might have it’s always important to remain open to new possibility and be coach-able. No one person has all the answers. By understanding the significance of these areas and the importance of creating value in every situation you will attract the right kind of leaders into my organization.
Yes, there is a lot of money in network marketing but there are also long lasting friendships and amazing relationships that can be cultivated from this opportunity. Be willing to take the risk, have fun, learn more and grow. What you achieve from this experience can be worth far more than money. We hope this blog provided insight and allows you to make an informed decision in joining an MLM business. Ever experience is different but we hope our perspective helps you figure out your next steps. As we wish you the very best in your decision.

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    Really helpful tips. I wish I would have known these things when I was first introduced into the network marketing scene. I was completely new, and I would have definitely appreciate a blog post like this. But what I like is that these tips can also be applied to other online businesses. Thanks for sharing!

    • We are so happy you enjoyed our post. We tried to make our tips transparent and something that anyone in any network marketing business can relate too. Thank you for your comment.

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