Why Life Insurance is the Best Investment for Entrepreneurs

Why Entrepreneurs should have Life Insurance Now, that you have taken the necessary measures to start your business, it is vital that you have the right resources in place to cover you and your family in case of an emergency. Let’s face it, no one really wants to think of the inevitable or an unforeseen event occurs that can lead to injury, disability, let alone death, but a good business person knows you should always anticipate the worse and be … [Check out the full article]

The Sleep Routines of Highly Successful People

The Sleep Routines of Highly Successful People I have the worst sleeping habits. Some nights I will go to bed at 12:30 am, while other nights it’s  at 2:30 am. Which means I typically get about 3 – 4hrs of sleep per night. I know, I hear it all the time you have to get more sleep. It’s not healthy for your mind or body. So I had to ask myself how much sleep do successful people really get? Because to be successful … [Check out the full article]

Weight Loss Challenges: Do They Work?

Losing weight can be tough and for a period of time when you turned on your television competitions to lose weight dominated the airwaves. Everyone was getting in on the craze and biggest loser challenges were being formed amongst friends, families, and colleagues. People were sharing their results and overall looking and feeling better than they’ve ever looked and or felt in years. Unfortunately, the dust has settled and most of these shows have become fond memories. As the saying goes all … [Check out the full article]

Top 3 YouTube Channels for Fitness

  Top 3 YouTube Channels for Fitness As the weather is getting nicer everyone is getting beach body ready or Summertime fine. While it would be awesome to go to the gym to gear up for the season, going to the gym is not a reality for me right now with our boys still being so young. For convenience, I find it easiest to work out at home. Although most gyms do provide services for children at no additional cost. … [Check out the full article]

Strategies to Prevent Burnout

At some point in our entrepreneurial careers, we all experience burnout. Burnout is defined as an excessively prolonged state of exhaustion which can be emotional, mental, or physical that cause one to lose interest or motivation in an activity that they were once highly productive in. For example, you feel excited and motivated for a time, things are going great then smack! You hit a Wall. You find yourself in bust mode being productive getting things done there are results. … [Check out the full article]

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