Being Wealthy Is A Choice

Being Wealthy Is A Choice
Very few people wake up one day and just become wealthy. Becoming wealthy is a choice that you make. Work less, Work smart, live more!

What is more important than just having a lot of money? Perhaps, gaining freedom over one's life or having joy and abundance? Did you know you are the president of your own life and that’s more important than whom the president of the United States is, please keep that in mind. In fact, you've always had more choices in picking your own life than you ever thought. Being wealthy is an option we first read about more than 2 years ago in Robert Kiyosaki book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. After reading Rich Dad, it totally made sense; of course, most people aren't born wealthy and we finally started to understand it's a choice that we want to help more people understand and instill inside of them today.

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It's Always About Fulfillment, Happiness is only Temporary!

We can live better, get better and turn that time into touchy-feely emotions.  Happiness is an emotion and emotions are temporary fulfillment.  Like peace, freedom, love, and happiness are signs but more than that, they are signs that mirror our emotions. How to obtain more fulfillment in life today? Is an ongoing question many people are trying to answer. Are you truly fulfilled or are you missing out? Is your lack of fulfillment pertaining to you having a job! Yes, a JOB

Providing Good Opportunities

When at work, you are both physically and mentally at your job so much that you really don't even have time to find out what you want in life. "I work at a job.” As you trade hours for dollars, having a job is almost never a vehicle towards fulfillment. In our on way, this is why we work on helping the world by providing good opportunities for others and creating value through business ownership. Everyone should have a vehicle that leads to passive income.

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The beautiful thing is you can give people a vehicle and about 97% of people would talk about a job. Do you like your job, did you get a job, do you have a job, I won't lose my job, do you get a raise at your job. Job, Job! The job is a curse word from the standpoint of an entrepreneur it's not a bad thing but if you want your freedom; working for somebody else will not give you the freedom you want. Think about it, you are getting paid to work for somebody else dream. A job is a temporary condition you'll probably have for a little while but then you realize though a job it is not a tool for wealth creation and it won't lead to your fulfillment. 

Care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character! Theodore Roosevelt Click To Tweet


You hear this from employees, over the course of their lives, they spend more time with their coworkers than they do with their own families. You know what, that joke never made us laugh.It's not funny that you spend more time with john from the cubicle than with your own wife and children, it's truly more sad than funny. It's time that we don't get so caught up trying to make a living, that we forget to live our lives. That is not a life. This is your life and one day you will wake up in there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted to do.


Broaden Your Horizons By Traveling & Become A Better Person

Invest your time where the numbers make sense but most importantly live life how you want.  How do you know what you want out of life? Easy, get out and see the world. Most people aren't even willing to invest in themselves to get out and see the world. Ask yourself how much have I traveled. If you haven’t traveled, OK get out and see the world right where you live to begin. Do you like the wide-open desert spaces of Arizona or the urban vibrancy of New York City, what do you think about Belize Central America? You won’t know unless you traveled there. Why aren't you living where you want to live, because you haven't figured out how too.  Are you not living where you want to live because family keeps you close to home. I guess that's a better answer but consider this with your exception of Native Americans or people from the Caribbean’ or your home country. Your own ancestors and relatives, they moved, often across oceans on rickety ships or through hostile territory. Your family, your ancestors,  already move for a better life whether it was to flee religious persecution permit or just a better life that fits their family interests. Don't you feel like you owe it to your family to continue their journey?

"People don't resent you for being bold they present themselves from being afraid."-Darren Hardy"

We always say don't follow money make money follow you. Where you live or want to live and invest with the numbers that make sense. Through passive income, you owning your own business you don't have to follow it to some job. That's the vehicle of passive income you want to create. Remember wealth is measured in time, not dollars.

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