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Who is Lydia Christian?

Finding the right statement piece to enhance an outfit can be a challenge, as the search for trendy pieces can forever be exhausting. As jewelry, differs in design and material makeup. Our next Diamond Legacy Group spotlight Monday entrepreneur is capitalizing on one of the hottest trends to hit the market. Through her homemade beaded design company Chic Perla, owner and designer Lydia Christian is making eye-catching one of a kind beaded bracelets that not only enhances but compliments any outfit from the runway to the ballroom.


Crafting breathtaking and stylish pieces to add to her forever growing catalog. This beading diva, links a variety of gems and charms together to create modern pieces suitable for anyone's budget. Inspired by nature and her surroundings, Lydia credits her daughter as her continued source of artistic inspiration. Wanting to provide her with chic and edgy pieces that would compliment her outfits along with her amazing personality, Chic Perla was born.


Deriving the name from a spanish/ english blend, as pearl translates to Perla in Spanish. Lydia is forever searching to create new pieces as she understands wearing different pieces of jewelry, plays a major role in increasing a woman's beauty by enhancing their elegance and also their self confidence. In addition, to bracelets Lydia brand has expanded to include hand crafted shea butter blends, with the thought that each person wearing her beads will have smooth beautiful hands to display her creation on.

The Interview

What made you get started in your industry?

The original reason for the start was my daughter. One day we were in the city and I was expressing to her that I hate the way kids jewelry looks. It looks, its plastic and doesn’t look edgy and chic. My daughter Maya suggested that we make the beaded pieces ourselves. I said that’s a good idea. As we stood on 34th St NYC we googled bead stores and one was in walking distance. The rest was history. Once Maya and I began to wear our fashions, everyone wanted one. Then began Chic Perla! Once I got settled on the bracelet aspect, the shea butter blends was born. Women would be trying on my bracelets and their hands would be dry. I said to my friend, hey I need to make a crème for the hands. Then came Crème Soufflés for the hands. Once people loved the soufflés, they would contact me for a bigger jar so they could use it all over the body.


Lydia Christian Custom beads Walk us through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did?

The first thing I did was get material that I would need. I had an idea of what I needed because I use to help my aunt make beaded jewelry when I was young. She used wire when beading so I bought wire at the beginning. Being we wore our fashions every day, the wire was turning and tarnishing but of course the gemstone beads were in perfect condition. So then I choose to buy the stretch cording. This was a hit! It didn’t tarnish and it could fit a wide array of sizes and I didn’t have to have an exact wrist measurement like the wire. Stocking gemstone beads was another factor. Price and amount and time it took to get the bead was trial and error. I used many different suppliers during my two years in business but have settled on one that gets my items to me quick and gives me good pricing. My website was not producing much revenue so instead of having to pay for it, I just pay for my name and use a free website base for those who want to reference the site for pricing details. I use IG as my MAIN source of showing my pieces. It gives my customers a great array of pieces and ideas to build on. They are able to see the beads and mix and match bead options. Charms are added to pieces if wanted. Popular charms are on hand but specialty charms need time to arrive. I also have to research charms for pricing and time of arrival as in comparison to when the client needs the item. My crème soufflés was an easy process. I was able to get the shea butter, mango butter, aloe butters and oils from a local supplier. I whip them up in my home and put them into jars. I ship anywhere that can accept mail, LOL!!! I’ve shipped to St Croix, USVI!! Shipping is free with a $50 purchase and on lesser orders $5.


What do you consider are your specialty?

I definitely consider my beaded sets to be my specialty. I can put together masterpieces with gemstones. I love the colors that the beads come in and can put together stones to make works of art to wear on your arm. My pieces can be worn for special occasions and casual days.


Do you see yourself making this full-time?

No, I don’t. Reason being is I don’t want to lose the love for it. I like being able to come home from a long day of work, grab a cup of wine and bead. It calms me and takes the stress of the day off. If this was my full time job it would be work instead of pleasure. It would take away from the creative aspect and make it work to pay my bills and get these pieces moving.


WhaLydia Christian Custom beads t can we always expect from your company/brand?

You can always expect that your piece is made just for you. I don’t duplicate sets. I will use the same bead but it will be catered just for you. The arrangement, spacers or charms will tell your story and no one else’s. Many clients have asked for the someone else’s pieces, I simply state, I can make you something that is only going to be yours just like that piece is only for them. My bead club is the same. Those piece are made exclusively for the club, you cannot purchase those pieces after the release. You must place your order to be able to get that exclusive set the prior month.


What was the best advice you every received and why?

The best advice I received is keep doing it until its right. Don’t quit no matter what. Persistence and genuineness is key. This was great advice to me because I feel like people start perusing their dreams and stop because they feel like the end product is not coming fast enough. Nothing good ever comes quick, you have to work at your craft until it is the best of you. You’re presenting this to people to spend their hard earned money on, so it must be done right.

What tips can you recommend that you’d would most likely only share with a close friend or comrade on success?

Find the best prices. Don’t over buy and cap off at certain things. You still have to make money at the end of the day. If you don’t make any profit, sometimes let the job go. If your profit is in another form other than money, do it. Just because your pockets are not fat now doesn’t mean that it won’t be later on from that opportunity.


Favorite online resources such as Evernote or Dropbox that you use for your business?

I don't use either


Can you recommend one or two books that has been influential in your life?

I read murder mysteries... Lol! In my other life I was a detective that investigated murders!!


Diamond Legacy Group Lydia Christian

What can we expect from you and your company/brand in the next 5 years?

To grow and hopefully get into stores. Local store mainly, I would be happy with that. I don’t want to lose the fact that I make my
pieces by hand so I don’t want to get too big. LOL


What do you think will be the next big change or shift in your industry?

Not too sure. I’ve seen many different designs and many people make their creations different from me. I think there are so many creators that we will just keep creating.


If a young entrepreneur walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

Don’t worry about if you have enough money today to start, JUST START. Buy one thing a week until you have enough to create one piece and keep going!!! If you wait till you have all the money to begin you never will because something will always come up that you think is more important.

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Must Read Book

Lydia prefers to read murder mysteries


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Recommended Online App

Lydia prefers not to use apps for her business.

Contact Info

Lydia is beyond passionate about reaching new creative heights with her business and we are thrilled to see what her imagination will bring forth for this spring and summer season. If you are looking for a catchy stylish bracelet for your next event please contact Lydia at chicperla.nyc@gmail.com or visit her website http://chicperla.bigcartel.com/ be sure to check out her instagram page @chicperla.  We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, until next time Happy Reading!!


The inspiriation for Chic Perla came from not being able to find chic pieces for my daughter. The pieces that I would find were "play dress up" like and not, for lack of better words, Chic!

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