Cleaning the Clutter: Tips to de-cluttering your life and home.

phonto13As seasons change, I take it as a sure fire sign to start decluttering our home. While some may find this process painful, annoying and even overwhelming. To me, it’s an opportunity to organize and gain clarity on the journey ahead. Getting started is sometimes the hardest part. As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” no one is expecting you to declutter your house in one day. Baby steps are essential and key to helping you tackle your big haul.



Cleaning the Clutter: Tips to de-cluttering your life and home.

To get started, pick 3 areas in your home you want to declutter and start from there. Take some time and think this through. Visualize, how you want it to look and what the room would look like if it was decluttered. Once this picture is created, what essential things come to mine that needs to be removed from that area or room in order to re-create that image? Use this visualization as your guide to getting rid of the unnecessary stuff.


Great tips

One great tip is to help you get thing underway is to do it in intervals. Allocating 10 to 15 minutes a day to the first area. Add an additional 5 to 10 minutes on to that time until the task is complete. Using this method can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and before you know it; you have gotten further than you originally thought.


Another option is to get the family involved make a game out of it. Through, this process you are helping to teach your kids how to put things away. Plus to battle, the mess, more sets of hands are definitely better than one. From these activities, it helps to make deculturization a standard in you household and set’s the tone for decluttering to become a natural habit in your kids especially the younger ones.


Do you really still need that? Pull out clothes and items you no longer use or haven’t touched in the least 6 months to a year. Time to load up the car and send those items packing to your local church or charity. Better yet have a garage sale. This method not only allows you to have more space in your closet but it provides you with a nice tax write off or a few extra bucks in your pocket, which can be set aside for wealth building.


To wrap up, once you have gotten an area decluttered make it a goal to keep it that way! Deal with piles immediately, it’s easy to go back to old traits; so to keep on top of it. We suggest taking 15 minutes a day or specify a date and time per week to deal with it. By designating a time and a location to deal with items that tend to pile up is essential to combating the clutter. Take your time, stick with it and get organized. If you are mindful of mess can help to save you stress along the way.


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