Fitbit Review

If you are looking for a convenient fitness tracker that is easy to use, we recommend the Fitbit Charger 2. As I start to live a better life through some great supplements I have been using. I did not feel the need for any device through my journey. But, this model is the latest version of the Fitbit brand. It has a few bells and whistle that makes it a great device to use when tracking weight loss. Hubster and the boys got me my first Fitbit (HR) two years ago for a Christmas, at first, I’m not gonna lie, I was apprehensive about using it. It took a little coaxing from hubby before I put it on and now with my second, Fitbit Charge 2, its a part of my daily outfit, seriously I can’t take the darn thing off! I even find myself getting upset when it’s charging and I forget to wear it. Here’s our Fitbit review breakdown of the device.

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Fitbit Review

The Fitbit Charger 2 Charge provides heart rate data which gives you an accurate estimate of on how hard your heart has been working day today. As well as a clear picture of your caloric burn.


Provides an accurate picture of your steps. The pedometer feature is easy to use which is amazing as I find myself walking a little more each day to meet my goal of 10,000 + steps a day. This is great news as I use it as my motivation to walk more than for weight loss.


Fitbit review


Impeccable battery life, it’s able to go almost Five to six days without losing charge. Plus it takes only. about an hour to get fully charged up. With Bluetooth capability, it is easy to pair with your phone for ID notification.



For a small device, it packed with great features. Hold down the button to starts a stopwatch and Sleep tracking is automatic which is phenomenal as you don’t have to remember to turn it off and on. I do realize that just from tracking my sleep that I need to get an adequate amount of sleep to promote weight loss, but times surely does files when you are building a legacy.


Another added feature is the food log. It is located in the Fitbit app. This section of the app includes an easy to use food logging screen that lets you search for all your food and beverage items. The best part is it has a wide variety of items already listed and the capability to scan items using the food bar-code. This is one of my favorite features
As I can accurately log my exercise and food in one place, as it allows me to monitor my calories in and out.




The Fitbit Charge Charge 2  is not waterproof. It’s “sweat, rain, and splash-proof,” but it is not swimming or shower proof. It’s simple to use and its screen is generally easy to read. It integrates nicely with popular apps such as run Keeper and Strava. However, it’s easy to be scuffed or scratched, (you mainly only see it in sunlight). One thing that is a tab bit annoying is the gap around the screen which allows for grime build up. it’s easy to clean but tedious to do. Overall it’s a simple device to use, its appealing to the eye and fits securely around your wrist definitely ranks high on our list plus the community support that comes with the app is an added bonus. Check out Amazon to order your own Fitbit Charger 2

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Although we are not Tech experts we recommend this product as an important balance when tracking and monitoring fitness results. 

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