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Keeping Organized

Let's face it a mom's job is never done and being a mompreneur on top of it, makes my job endless. Keeping organized is always on the top of my list in order to allow for smooth operations across all our businesses. I am always in search of a planner that can handle my hectic schedule. With so many varieties choosing the right planner is never easy. They either are too big and bulky or they don't provide enough writing space for usage and with 2.5 kids it's challenging keeping up with everyone's schedule. I am a little old fashion and still like to write my schedule on paper.  While I still keep an electronic calendar nothing beats tracking our schedule on pen and paper. Writing it down helps me to remember and allows me to keep a mental note on important events. However, with so many upcoming events I need a sufficient planner to help me keep track. 

"Do it All" Mom planner

This year to stay on course, I was gifted the "Do it All" mom planner, while I just started using it, what I like most about this planner is its portability. I am able to easily carry it in my purse and joint down appointments on the go. The planner spans 12 months from January 2017 to December 2017 and includes fun stickers (300)  to mark appointments, activities, and tasks. There is a resourceful tear-off area for shopping list and to-dos and a convenient pocket in the front to store notes, coupons, and reminders. There is also space to separate up to six family members schedule per week in order to organize and track multiple tasks and activities. With inspirational quotes and charming artwork so far I am impressed with this planner.

On the downside I wish they provided more varieties on the sticker, most of the activities included are for older children it would have been nice if they catered to infants, toddlers and preschoolers as that is the age groups of our children currently. Also, if the sticker space area was refillable as I will most likely run out of doctors appointments and Birthday Party stickers first. Perhaps, the possibility of  providing specialty stickers for mom's who have children in therapy would be a great option as well. Regarding space, it would have been great if they made the size to add multiple members schedule a little bit bigger as the mom section is the biggest. In order to add comments and time under the stickers and an additional pocket in the back would have been perfect for more convenience. 

Do it All

The " Do it All" mom planner overall gets a good review from me as I enjoy viewing the inspirational quotes, it's a good way to start your week on a positive foot and the size is efficient to get the job done. With that being said  I would recommend this product to all mom's on the go who are looking to stay organized. 

Features include 

  • 2017 do it all planner measures a super-portable 5.75 x 8.25 inches and spans January 2017 through December 2017
  • 300 stickers to mark appointments and tear-off lists for shopping and to-dos; a handy pocket stores notes and reminders
  • Week-per-spread is divided into spaces to organize by task, time or day or track schedules; charming quotes start each week off in an upbeat fashion
  • Sturdy split ring wire-o binding keeps the planner opened flat and a color-coordinated elastic band closure to keep it neatly tucked away; printed using soy-based inks.


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