Healthy Fun-Fest

Healthy Fun-FestJust like children, adults too need help eating a balanced meal that is suitable for their lifestyle. It’s always great to incorporate healthy options into each meal. In this post, we want to share three ways you can make eating healthy fun!!

1. Add color to the mixHealthy-fun-fest
Make your plate a colorful creation by adding a sprinkle of color to your next meal. Just like kids if it colorful it looks desirable and chances are your palates will sing praises and love you!! For example, let’s spice up our rice but instead of rice let’s use couscous we can add beans, carrots, peas, nuts and even dried fruit to the mix.  Now doesn’t that sound festive? Not only is it colorful but it’s also healthy since you now incorporated protein and vegetables to your starch.
2. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!
While we all live hectic lives. It’s always easy which makes it convenient to cook the same ole ordinary food. You know, that go to meal that is fast, easy and ready in 30 min. Well, guys here are two options that are easy to make and are not your average Joe’s choices.
What about breakfast for dinner who said eggs are only for breakfast? Try a Poached or
scrambled eggs over leftover rice or quinoa with hot sauce and sliced avocado, that sounds hearty?
 How about a savory waffle, now who wrote the rules to say waffles are solely for breakfast? Check this recipe out on A Spinach artichoke waffle- this flavorful option has garlic and herb Boursin cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, spinach and artichokes baked in. This garlic treat gets you and your family to eat their veggies! Can you say Yum-oh!
3. Make a game out of it
As kids we went crazy for the toy in the cereal box. We would either dump out the entire box to get to the toy or if you had a mom like mines. You had to eat your way to the toy. Whichever way you grew up, it was still exciting to get to the top and be rewarded. Let’s get back to that same concept and reward ourselves for eating healthy. A great and easy way to do so would be to start a rewards system. There are easy ways you can track your progress by using apps on your smartphone.  A great app is Spark Points or a Wall Calendar hung in a prominent place in your house. By using smiley faces or star stickers you can note milestones and track the amount of days you ate healthy.
Rewarding yourself can be as simple as:

-Giving yourself permission to take a nap.

-Sleep in one weekend

-Take a selfie to celebrate your progress

-Plan a night out with your friends.

-Treat yourself to a bubble bath.

 Whatever you decide to make it fun and enjoyable so you can keep getting rewards.

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Healthy Fun-Fest
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