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As entrepreneurs, we are always on our quest towards success and to ultimately be better than we were the day before, but how important is self-care on this journey? 


According to our research, self-care can be defined as care provided by you, for you in order to take the time needed to do activities and rituals that nurture you. It's about identifying what your needs are and taking the necessary steps to meet those needs. Basically, being able to treat yourself as kindly as you would treat others. Sounds easier said than done, right!  Especially as mom’s, we spend so much of our time taking care of other people that we sometimes forget to take the time needed to do things for ourselves.

The Art of Self-Care

The art of self-care focuses on paying close attention to your own health, physical ailments, nutrition and daily routines as much as you would a loved one. Similar to an emergency on an airplane when the oxygen masked drops down, the rule of thumb is you put your mask on first before assisting anyone else. Self-care principles focus on the engagement in activities that meet our own need first in order to better assist others in meeting their needs. 

Taking care of one’s owns self is not actually a new trend, nor a new idea but it has gained notoriety in recent years as more attention is being placed on reality TV, videos and social media. Individuals are becoming more consumed with the lives of others instead of focusing on their own needs.  This is why in times like these it is so important to make self-care relevant in your life.  We all live busy lives and finding time to take proper care of ourselves can be hard and possibly overwhelming. Sometimes even taking a small break can make use feel guilty, but we have to realize before long exhaustion and overload can kick in, which can then lead to serious health conditions and negative defects in one’s personal life. By taking a little more time to focus on yourself and giving yourself a daily dose of compassion we are able to approach our work and relationships with a clearer mind in order to allow for positive connections and a euphoric state of happiness.

Three Steps We Believe You Should Start Today

Here are three steps we believe you start today in order to incorporate self-care into your life

  1. Eat without distractions, as entrepreneurs a lot of times our meals are on the go or being paired with other tasks we have on our schedule. It’s ok to indulge in one meal without distractions by taking the time to eat one meal out of your day, not in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone enables you to take the time to reflect on your assignments and become more mindful of one’s day.  
  1. Unplug from social media for a few hours, take time to break away from Facebook, snap chat, Instagram, youtube etc… allow yourself time to focus on the beauty outside. Take a brisk walk or exercise. Think about it, most often what is being posted on these sites are only reports on success and not the true version of what’s really going on. It's easy to get caught up comparing but what you have to remember is most of it is a façade.
  1. Read a book, find a book that makes you happy and gives you a sense of peace. Through reading, you are stimulating your mind to bring forth curiosity and innovation, which can lead to creative thoughts and ideas. Here are a few books we can recommend on self-care and empowering your life.


We hope you enjoy reading this blog, until next time Happy Reading!! 

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