Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide: How to Make Money Publishing Kindle E-Books

Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide: How to Make Money Publishing Kindle E-Books
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First thing first, congratulations for making the first step towards entrepreneurship. Even if you haven’t started a business you have started by taking the first step to educate yourself. Why write a blog post about Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide: How to Make Money Publishing Kindle E-Books? Well, we thought to ourselves a year ago to create our own eBook about different streams of Income. We were fascinated with the idea of having our own eBook and sharing our knowledge with the world. For both of us, it was instantaneous, it made so much sense we had to do this, every thing clicked! Note, this post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
Melissa went straight ahead and start doing some research. Looking into more details about publishing and what different streams of income did we wanted to discuss in the book for beginners. While searching we were able to find several authors who published eBooks. One of the authors we found was Stefan James, we were amazed by his story and wealth of knowledge. We started to watch a few of his YouTube Videos. If you don’t know who Stefan James is, he is a highly respected online marketer with years of experience. Stefan was able to successfully make over $100,000 publishing Kindle e-books on Amazon. 
After a few blog post and videos, we realized Amazon has made it super EASY for anyone to publish e-books and start making money online with Kindle. As we continue creating our first eBook we thought this would be a great blog post to share with anyone who is interested in getting started publishing an eBooks and making extra income or money online.    

Why Kindle? 

If you’re looking for opportunities to make money online, publishing is one. We have to be honest, it's one of the easiest online business to get started with. With almost no fees for entry. Why Kindle? Well, the whole concept of Kindle publishing is very simple. 
To get started you want to first find proven, profitable niches on Amazon Kindle Store
Analyze the market and make sure there is opportunity for you to make a profit
If you have a book written on a topic, Focus your attention on some ways you can offer more value to your potential customers than your competitors can.
 Diversify and earn royalties. 
If you are building a brand create high-quality content around your niche and create multiple books that serve that same market. 
Very easy right!!! 
If you’re thinking to start a traditional business or even some of the online business we blogged about on Diamond Legacy Group, it tends to require a lot of money to start. Good Example, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)program. Don’t get us wrong, Amazon FBA program is a great business but if you just starting out buying the products to shipping to Amazon, creating budgeting ads and marketing strategies, offering freebies in exchange for reviews can be very costly.  
With Kindle, you still have access to the 300 million Amazon customers with no inventory, broken items, and shipping etc.
Is it even possible to still make money with Kindle in 2017?
Great question! Absolutely!! 
Every minute there are new niches or opportunities that you can publish on. There always new trends that you can profit from. As you can see eBooks are becoming more popular and may eventually take over paperbacks. 

How Do I Get Started Make Money on Kindle?

Making money on Kindle is very easy and simple. You will sign-up for a free KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account.To publish your book will take less than 5 minutes. You will fill in the title of your book, author, name, description, upload cover, your eBook file, select your price and finally hit publish. Kindle Direct Publishing will then review your eBook. After the review is completed within 24 hours, KDP will publish your eBook. Your eBook will be available for sale around the world on Amazon. As you sit back and let Amazon do most of the marketing and selling, you will earn up to 70% in royalties on each sale to customers. Guess what you now have just created passive income. AWESOME! 

How to Find Profitable Niches?

If you don’t know Amazon has a Best-Seller Kindle section on their site, where you can find the top selling products for their site.
This is true for Kindle books. You can see which book is doing well and by doing a little more research, you can establish if that niche is actually doing well in the market. You now can determine if that niche is worth pursuing to publish.
FYI - The secret sauce to finding a profitable niche is finding one that has a large sized market, with low competition.  
Amazon is basically giving you the keys to success by telling you what’s hot and what people are buying. Make sure you base all your information of your research from Amazon. 
You should create a list of profitable Kindle niches that is filled with great ideas to create a Kindle book on. 


  • Weight loss
  • Personal Development/ Self-help
  • Parenting
  • Photography
With your list, you want to pick the most profitable business topic in which you can create your book from.
Next, you want to analyze your list of ideas 

First thing first, do proper market research. You don’t want to make an eBook to find out later there is no market for that niche and no ability to generate money Research is essential to your success! Don't fall into that trap, it is not something to be over looked.   

Make sure you change your selection from “All” to “Kindle Store.” You don’t want to make the mistake of looking at all the products results on Amazon. You’re only looking for Kindle
When you go to the search bar, a drop box will show up and Amazon will give you a list of suggestions. So basically, these are words people are searching or typing in on Amazon. This gives you a better sense what people are searching for and if there is a market for this book idea.

Ok, now you can see Amazon giving you a list of suggestions to pick from when I type L in the word loss. Some of the suggestions are, weight loss pills, weight loss products, weight loss tea, weight loss for women, etc...

All this means is when you type phrases that people are typing in the search on Amazon Is verifying there is a market for this niche. There is an opportunity to make money.

Step 1 Go to and select “Kindle Store” from the drop down menu



Step 2 Then click the search button.



Step 3 From this page, click “Kindle eBooks”



Step 4 Then “Best Sellers & More”



Step 5 Finally scroll down to category best sellers click on Kindle Best Sellers


Now, here is where you can find all the bestselling books! 



You can see to your left of the screen different categories on Amazon. What you should do is go through various categories and this will enable you to get more ideas and find a specific niche you can publish.



FYI- It’s IMPORTANT to look through the ‘Top 100 Paid’ NOT ‘Top 100 free.’ You want to get a sense on which books are selling. You want to make sure you are in the right section by clicking ‘Top 100 Paid’



We are looking for keywords that you can target, and have a new book created on. This allows you to create a book that will solve a particular problem for the reader.

Here is some example of keyword ideas in the Home-Based category:



You should go through various list and categories and write down any potential keywords that you see. 

Write down at least 15 potential keywords.

Once you go through the best seller list and write down your 15 ideas for potential niches, next, you want to verify the profitability and the potential for you make money from these markets.

When it comes to analyzing the competition of a niche, the number of other book results is not the only factor that you want to look at. You want to look at the quality of the books that are at the top of the list results, to see if you have a chance beating them for their position.

Ok, now this is just a basic explanation of how to analyze the profitability of a niche.

Yes, People Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Create a Title and Book Cover for Your Kindle

Next step is creating a title. Make sure you have the keyword for your niche in the title. This will help your book get noticed and ranked on Amazon. Make sure you have a catchy title or something compelling to really grab reader’s attention.  
The more keywords you have in the title, the better chance your book will show up in the search results. 
After coming up with a title next is creating a book cover. You can create a cover yourself with Photoshop or hire a good graphic designer. We recommend going to Fiverr and paying $5 for a great Kindle cover. Be sure when picking a designer, you want to make sure they have great reviews and a good portfolio to choose from.  
There are alternative choices where you choose from and invest a little more money into creating a more high-end premium design book cover by hiring a professional designer. You use 99designs or Killercovers, again you’re paying a higher cost but it's an investment into quality for your book.

Should I write a Kindle E-book or Hire Someone to Do it for me?

 This is a good question to ask, from our own research what we've learned if you are a good writer and you love to write absolutely. We defiantly encourage you to write your own ebook. It's not as difficult as you think. As a beginner, you probably would want to start off with 20-40 page book and sell it for $2.99. The majority of books which sell for $2.99 are typically 20 – 40 pages. The great thing is if you have a niche and it’s a non-fiction book, most of the time your audience doesn’t make a big deal over page length. If it's written in a clear, concise manner and the content is coherent and informative it will sell well. 
Now, If you don’t like to write or you are not comfortable with your writing, there are many freelance writers that you can hire that will write your book for you. They will actually do all the research for you and put it together. Here are some websites where you can find writers, iWriter, Odesk, Elance, WarriorFourm. If these websites don’t work there are many writers you can find online. But again, it's essential that you do your research. 

You Should Strive for Great Content!

If you want to make royalties from this publication long-term. Your goal should be to provide your readers with high-quality content. You want to have a small number of books, making as much money as possible, passively. Your ability to solve the reader’s problem, flow, and formatting as well as presentation is what makes a good book.

How to Published Your E-book on Amazon?

Okay, now that you have GREAT content and after everything is ready, it time to actually publish your books on Amazon. Sign-up for a KDP account and click bookshelf. After that, click “Add New Title” and follow instructions
The next page, you’ll need to fill in the book name, book contributors, and book description, to verify your publishing rights, add categories and keywords for your book, upload your cover and upload your Kindle eBook file. 

Description that sells

Second, you want to write a good description that sells. From what we have researched, you really want to have at least 700 words, since KDP gives you 4000 characters. A great structure is, exciting headline, acknowledge reader’s problems with questions and discuss the topic, show a picture of the author and add some great facts. Make this section enticing and eye catching. 

Promote and Market Your Kindle E-Book

 This is the beauty of selling on an Amazon platform is Amazon has a lot of organic traffic. So, if you find a topic that is in high demand, Amazon has enough traffic as well as marketing strategies in place to make substantial sales. Amazon also has a ton of other strategies that you can utilize to promote and market your eBook, most are actually for free.
  • Running a Free Promo
  • KDP Select Program 
  • Kindle Countdown Deals 
  • Submitting Your Kindle Book to Websites  
  • Promoting Your Book on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ) 
  • Join Relevant Facebook Groups 
And much more…
Here are some twitter accounts as well…

Getting Reviews

Why are reviews so important? Most of us won’t buy anything without seeing a review. Reviews are POWERFUL! It impacts buyers decision tremendously when they see whether people recommend a product. More than likely people purchase a product that has been endorsed by other consumers. But, reviews also help your product rank much higher on Amazon's search list. 
You should ask for reviews!
At the end of your book, you should have a simple polite request for your readers to leave a review  

Want More? We would like to introduce Kindle Money Mastery

This article is basically a 2,000 words overview of what is taught in K Money Mastery and sooooo much more… As you can see we gave you a whole lot of valuable information and a great guide to start but the boat doesn't stop there. To go into more depth about Making Money Publishing Kindle E-Books, we would like to highly recommend this e-course Kmoneymastery by Stefan James. He is definitely one of our favorite online Entrepreneurs and we have learned so much from his YouTube videos and Podcast. If you looking for total impact in your life and the ability to boost your own sales watch his YouTube videos.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, until the next time!

Please leave us your feedback or a comment as we appreciate our audience, Thank you again for reading this post. Until next time, Happy Reading!!

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