How to Start a Blog, Beginner’s Guide With Bluehost

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How to Start a Blog

We get this question ask all the time, How to Start a Blog? So in the post, we will go step-by-step what you should do before you start a blog. Note, this post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.


Why did we start a blog? 2 years ago, Melissa and I were parents looking for ways to make extra income for our growing family.


After reading 3 books that changed our mindset, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki and My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn, all three books completely shift our minds on the path towards entrepreneurship.


We did everything from Real Estate Investing to Network Marketing. As each industry varies in its strengths and we believe in diversifying our income, we wanted to start a blog to show our progress and journey as entrepreneurs.


When we got started, we did not know anything about monetizing your blog. However, as students in the school of entrepreneurship, we learned there is a significant amount of money to be made in the world of blogging. Now, we are able to make money from home and create so many lasting relationships through blogging (Entrepreneur Spotlight).


Starting a blog is one of the best choices we’ve ever made. So today, we want to walk you through a step by step tutorial, which will show you how you can start a blog today and get you on your way to building your legacy! And trust us when we say this: If we can do it, ANYONE can!


Why should you Start a Blog?

  • There are a dozen reasons why you should start a blog. Here are a couple of reasons.
  • You have this deep feeling inside you were meant for more in life but just don’t have the time. Which means you need to be able to work from wherever or whenever. This was our number one reason to get into entrepreneurship. FREEDOM!! Start a business to build a passive income to get our time back.
  • If you already in business blogging is a great marketing tool. You have an opportunity to know your audience and help solve their problems with your products or services. Also, blogging allows people to get to know you.
  • It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people. Because of us blogging, we were able to connect with other entrepreneurs and build a great relationship. By building those relationships who know where that can lead.


Click here how to create a profitable blog for beginners on WordPress, Even if you aren’t tech savvy we will show you easy step-by-step directions In this article about starting a blog we believe the ONLY way you should start by using, Bluehost.


So why Bluehost?


They are cheap! You can start a blog with Bluehost for just $3.95/month when you sign up. Bluehost is also incredibly easy to use.

Steps to Starting a Blog

There are a few steps to take when starting a blog. It’s usually a 5-7 step depending on what you do. Here are the steps we are going to focus on:


  1. Decide on a Niche.
  2. Pick a domain
  3. Find a web host
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Choose the Right WordPress Theme
  6. Start blogging

It’s really that simple!


6 Steps to Starting a Money-Making  Blog Today

These are just the first steps to getting a blog up and running. The scary part is, it is so easy it makes it seems, as your blog will start making money as soon as it’s published.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at all, but if you are going to make money you have to start by finding your niche.


1. Pick Your Niche (Topic) to Blog About

We learned this the hard way but there is no point in getting everything setup if you aren’t sure what you want to take about. 

Even if you have a business and you want to talk about it, you will need to take some time to figure out what you really want to talk about. Although you may think it’s cool, you can’t just talk about yourself all day. 😐  

Your niche can be anything you want to blog about, it could be How to Bake, DIY projects, recipes or entrepreneurship! Something you’re passionate about!  


To find your niche consider asking yourself these questions.


1. What do I love like talking about? Think of something you get excited about. What types of articles are you reading when you pick up a magazine? What catches your attention? You need to enjoy the topic you write about.


2. What do I have experience in? You need to either have the knowledge, such as a career in a certain industry or skill you developed over the years. If you have experience, you can write about it!


3. Is this a topic I can monetize? Every niche has money making potential but start to come up with a game plan how to make money from it.  If you are committing your energy writing great content it is justifiable that you would want to be paid for your time.   

The end goal is to have your blog become known as an authority website to your audience. 



P.S. Once you have a niche in mind, start thinking of coming with your blog name. Think of, in which terms which your topics will target readers.

For example, When we came up with the name Diamond Legacy Group we did not think about monetizing our blog but we were thinking about building a legacy through financial freedom. So, we call it Diamond Legacy. That is our last name and we wanted to change the financial make-up of our family for generations to come. The group part came later on. lol 

Once you have a couple of names or ideas check to see if the domain name is available. 


2. Register Your Domain Name

Click here or the photo below to start your process, and follow then follow the step-by-step instructions below to get started.


How to Start a Blog, Beginner's Guide With Bluehost landing page


How do you get a Domain name?

You can get the domain name at the same time that you set up hosting.

If you been having trouble coming up with a domain name, A great piece of advice is do not overcomplicate it. Your name matters very little when it comes to making money blogging. Is the content you provide to your readers is what truly matters.


If you are setting up a personal blog the best choice will be your name. If your name is already taken then you think of something close to your niche.


What should you use, .com, co, or Something Else?

There are many numbers of TLDs that you can use. What are TLDs? TLDs are letters that follow . in a URL.  For example, the TLD for this site is . com. But you can use other TLDs such as .co.


Here is a general rule, try to stick with .com as your TLD because it is what everyone in the world knows so that means less confusion. But again, if you can find a .com don’t worry yourself, more and more people are getting used to seeing other TLDs. If you really see one you like, don’t hesitate to grab it.


You can get your domain name directly through Bluehost. We recommend doing it this way because Bluehost make it very easy for you!


Already have a domain name and want to transfer it over to Bluehost?


Type your name below to check availability!

3. Get Your Hosting Package

What’s hosting? Pretty much every domain name needs a host where the domain is renting space on a computer to hold your website. If you want people to visit your blog you will need to make sure it is hosted somewhere. 

If you want people to visit your blog you will need to make sure it is hosted somewhere. There are thousands of hosting companies out there where you can run your websites from.  

But again, this can get complicated. The best and easy hosting company from our experience and what most bloggers recommend is Bluehost. 

Plus, the domain name is free if you sign up for 12 months with Bluehost. That’s pretty AWESOME!

If you haven’t already, go to


After you click the green button to get started on the homepage, you will then see a list of pricing options. 

How to Start a Blog, Beginner's Guide With Bluehost Select your plan


Select the basic package circle in red above for $3.95 per month. 

Also, the cheapest pricing with your blog is offered through signing up for 36 months. You can opt in for a 12 or 24 months plan, but it will be a little more expensive. 

We recommend the 36 months because you want to sign up for a long-term commitment to your blog and for yourself. You will definitely reap from long term and see the rewards in the future. 



Enter your domain under “new domain” Then you will see a landing page to create your account like this at the bottom:



Fill in your contact information. Now scroll down, and you will see a page like this:


In this section you will see a lot of unnecessary things “checked.”

The only thing you should consider to check is “Domain Privacy Protection.” This will protect your email and phone numbers from being released to the public. This is optional.


Your page should look like this:

Next, Now enter your billing information below

Hit submit, and you’re in! congrats! Now you are a website owner!!!

Easy, right? 

4. Set Up Your WordPress on Your Site.

Login to your Bluehost account, and click on “hosting” from the bottom menu bar. Scroll down until you see this…

How to Start a Blog, Beginner's Guide With Bluehost

Click on the Install WordPress icon, and a popup will appear that looks like this:


Select your domain from the drop-down menu, and click “submit.” Bluehost will take care of the entire installation process.


At this point, do not exit out, make sure you to save this information, and click “configure your password.”


Complete the setup, and you will be able to log into your WordPress website!


How to Start a Blog, Beginner's Guide With Bluehost


5. Pick a Theme For Your Blog!

You can install a theme here or you can start with a free theme and upgrade to a paid theme as your blog grows! Right now we use a free theme but will be upgrading to the pro version soon. 


How to Start a Blog, Beginner's Guide With Bluehost


Free themes are a great place to start if you are a beginner blogger, but by using a free theme you will loose some tools a paid theme gives you.

Here is the theme we use for Diamond Legacy Group, Kadence Theme. Click the link below to try a demo version.


How to Start a Blog, Beginner's Guide With Bluehost Website


6. Start Blogging

You’re ready to go! Now you can start writing great blog content. If you want, you can add plugins to your awesome theme. Here on out you are ready for success. Please send us your link. We would love to see what you have created. You can even add us to your list of blogs to read.

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