How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency and Get Small Business to Hire You

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Why You Should Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Now!

I remember when Melissa and I join our first social media platform, Facebook back in 2007. Interacting with friends and family wasn’t as popular as it is now. But in 2017 people are creating opportunity by starting their own social media marketing business. How awesome is that!  


According to Yahoo Finance, the number of active users at Facebook in 2007 was 50 million compared to today, we are well over 2 billion active users and it continues to grow.  Two billion makes the Facebook the largest social app in terms of logged in active users according to Tech Crunch. In 2nd YouTube 1.5 billion, 3rd WeChat’s 889 million, Instagram 700 million and Twitter’s 328 million. 


How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Get Small Business to Hire You
Infographic Cred: Tech Crunch


We’re getting to a size where it’s worth taking a careful look at how you can capitalize financially in this market. What kind of opportunities it can bring to various businesses. 

Before we go any further on any opportunities let’s understand the history of social media.  

What began as a social connection to the world hasn’t always been so easy and accessible than it is today. After the Internet made it possible to reach people around the globe with a click of the button, social media /networking exploded into one of the biggest industries in our time. 


The History of Social Networking 

  • In 1971 the first email is sent. Two computers were sitting right next to each other. 

  • In 1978 Bulletin board system exchanged data over phone lines with other users.  

  • In 1978 the first copies of early web browsers are distributed through Usenet 

  • In 1994 One of the first web social media networking sites, Geocities is founded. Users create their own websites, categorized by one of six cities. Known for certain characteristics, (Hollywood, Wall Street, etc…). 

  • In 1995 gave users the freedom to personalize their own content and interacting with others with similar interest. 

  • In 1997 AOL instant messenger is launched. 

  • In 2000 earlier social network sites the .com bubble bursts, sending the stock markets crashing. 

  • In 2002 Friendster is launched, pioneering the online connection of real-world friends. 3 Million Users in the first three months. Some consider Friendster as the first true social media platform. Becoming the blueprint for Myspace and Facebook. 

  • In 2003 Myspace is launched, first conceived as a Friendster clone. 

  • In 2004 Facebook is launched, originally as a way of connecting U.S. college students. More than half of the 19,500 students signed up within the first month.  

  • In 2006 Twitter is launched 

  • In 2008 Facebook overtakes Myspace as the leading social networking site, In monthly unique visitors. Both sites become more popular than the original, Friendster.   


Social Media Popularity  

As you can see, it is undeniable that social media has become a huge stakeholder in modern day society.  

Social media is still a relatively new concept but there are 1.23 billion people that log into Facebook every day for an average of 17 minutes. Every second there are on average 4.17 million likes and 293,000 statuses updated.  

If people are using social media in record numbers and there is no sight of it slowing down.  

We can even see that social media had an influence on the 2016 election. Russia-linked groups used Facebook to meddle in the 2016 election. Facebook disclosed that 3,000 ads, costing $100,000 containing messages about divisive issues. 


How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Get Small Business to Hire You
Infographic Cred: Tech Crunch


The future of Marketing   

So what does this information mean? It’s time we talked about how you are using social media. Are you using it for social purpose or for opportunities to make money in this rising trend? 

We are living in an era where effective marketing through mass media is shifting towards the internet. While the internet has given us endless information and knowledge, it also enables communication and leverage for those who want to do business online. 

These platforms have given us a powerful way to reach and influence our own audience directly.  

So the question is wouldn’t awesome to start your own small business around social media? If you agree then you should continue to read this post. 


New Opportunity  

A new trend happened right NOW! Where more people are creating an opportunity towards financial freedom. Welcome to the new age of Social Media Agencies. 

Social media marketing is easily the best way for any business to raise awareness and increase their revenue on products and services.  

This is a simple business plan you can move step-by-step into success. Let say this, in perspective, 80% of people dream of having their own business and being their own boss. Why not you, why not now? 


How does this work? 

You get small business owners to pay you $1,000 -$10,000 a month to manage their social media, the internet, and email marketing. 

Most small business has no idea how to use social media and they will pay you if you know how to help increase their margin. 

For most businesses, keeping up to date on social media marketing takes too much time. Time is a valuable asset to many business owners; social media marketing is often ignored. This is an opportunity for you. They will pay you thousands per month to manage their social media marketing. 

Why would business owners pay me to manage their social media? Social media is where all their customers can be found. Remember, there are 1.23 billion people that log into Facebook every day for an average of 17 minutes. Business owners know their customers are on social media. It’s a huge demand from small business owners who want help. 

Here is a reason to take ACTION NOW! 

  • You have to catch trends. They call this the first mover advantage. 

  • You don’t have to be the very first. As you can see with social media, Facebook wasn’t the first but they took the blueprint of Friendster and Myspace and made it better. Timing is everything. 

  • Without a map/plan, it’s too risky to start your own business. This is one of the key points we learned from being in network marketing. The mentorship and training were the true value, NOT the money. You learn so much at a low cost and take those lessons with you to start another business. We follow the blueprint of our mentors and create success. You see, if you have a map or a plan it’s not that risky. 


Now you can defiantly do this on your own. You can do this without any mentor. 

If you have social media experience you can take on a few clients at a time while working a day job. Network, build a reputation about your services and get some good reviews.    

After a few months, transition into social media management full-time. Five years later you have a thriving company.


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Here are some tips to start improving your own Social Media Efforts. 

This will help you to have a better understanding how to improve other small business owners looking to increase their social media presence to help them get more business.   

  • Social media is not like traditional media. Social media can be updated constantly with posts, tweets, photos, videos and more. So, it is essential to utilize what your audience responds to the most. 

  • Do your best to have measurable results. Look at your social media metrics or audience interaction statistics and gauge your social media activity over a set period of time. 

  • Remain consistent. This will aid in maintaining your customer base for the long haul. 

  • Prepare for a learning curve. Working in social media is not a 9 to 5 job. Changes happen constantly. So constantly evaluate and reevaluate every aspect of both business and social media.

Now again you can do this on your own and it’s doable but what if you can cut that learning curve into more than half? 

What if you can cut that curve from 5years to 4 months? Wouldn’t that be great! 


Tai Lopez the Marketing Genius  

Welcome to Tai Lopez Social Media Marking Agency Program. The first time we heard about Tai Lopez was just over two years ago, he just started his marketing campaign for The 67 Steps program. Making video’s in his garage on YouTube. Since than Tai Lopez has blown up from his online education programs teaching millions about entrepreneurship and the importance of reading books in search of knowledge. Here is what Tai has built in the past two years. 



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Joe Soto 

With all of the creditably from Tai Lopez, the real reason to sign up for this program isn’t that of Tai but for the information, you will gain from Joe Soto who has built a $1.1 Million Dollar Social Media Marketing Agency while rising, 8 Kids. Joe has over 10 years of experience and is a beast when it comes to how to build a social media agency from the ground up. With Tai Lopez teaming up, brings years of experience to create an awesome training program with lots of value.  


Tai Lopez and Joe Soto Interview


Is this program a Scam? 

What comes with success also comes with haters. Some people feel Tai Lopez is a scam.  All we can say from our experience watching his videos, we gained tons of valuable knowledge. Unfortunately, anything that seems a distance from the norm always seems skeptical or a scam. 

Something we learned from our mentors about being skeptical.  

What is skepticism? It means you have unanswered questions. You are not sure, or unconvinced. You might need proof or are results driven to see if something like this actually works. Another thing you don’t want to have is a poor mindset. A poor mindset usually means, 


  • Passing 

  • Opportunities 

  • Over 

  • Repeatedly  


We can tell you that from our own experience. Haring people making $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 a month seem unreal to people. But think about it, what do you think the CEO of the company you work for makes? 


The only slight problem with this program is the price. The cost of this program is $997.00 which can be expensive for some individuals. There are cheaper programs you can find that can teach you the social media side but unfortunately not the business side. If you are serious about this program and willing to put in the effort. We suggest signing up but if you have doubt, save your money. We are sure there is a course for free online. 


You can properly learn or find some of this information online if you put the time in with research. We would actually say 65% – 75% you can learn on your own but again it takes time.  


We are not here to convince you to sign up to Tai and Joe course. We are here to give you options or a vehicle to cut your learning curve more than half. This program will help you get to your destination without sacrificing your time, energy and money. 


That’s why we recommend this program. From our own research people are given this course either an A or a B. We understanding the value you get from Tai and Joe. This is a real business with real results.  

We understand some will succeed and some won’t. Not because it’s difficult but your ambition. You see when an opportunity like this comes only a very few will take action, or take that leap of faith. The worst thing you can do is have regret in life. Looking and back and asking yourself why or what if?   


The world is full of all sort of trouble and problems but starting a business is not one of them. In today society you have more opportunity than ever before in the history of time. The internet has changed that, no one ever said building a business will be easy. That it wouldn’t be hard, it wouldn’t be risky, it wouldn’t take time but with consistency, persistence, determination and focus you will get there. Why not now, why not you? It only takes one person to change the course of their family history, only one. Don’t let your excuse be fear take presidencies at the end of your dash, becoming a legendary and building your legacy

Gary Vaynerchuk The Rise of Social Media Marketing


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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Get Small Business to Hire You

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