How to Make Money in The Rise of Internet Protocol Television

How to Make Money in The Rise of Internet Protocol Television

The Evolution of The Internet

Dealing with the cable and satellite company is about as much fun as dragging your nails across a chalkboard. But there is no surprise that cable and satellite subscription TV providers are a generally disliked lot. With the rise of taxes and fees, more and more people are deciding to ditch their cable and satellite television in favor of other options. As the Internet evolves, the idea of having only cable and satellite alternatives is becoming a thing of the past. So, how can you make money in The Rise of Internet Protocol Television?


Huge Opportunity on The Rise

According to cord-cutting trend isn’t going away. Actually in the second quarter of 2016 over 800,000 U.S. base customers canceled their cable subscriptions, according to an estimate from SNL Kagan.

According to Variety, the cable industry is a $108.4 billion dollars industry, which means there is a lot of money on the table that you can make. Just getting into the 1 % of $108.4 billion dollars makes you a multi-millionaire. The shift toward “all-IP”-based communications will not only change the entertainment experience but our entire process of communication and interaction. This is where new opportunities come into play and you’re able to capitalize on a wealth trend that can change your life or generations to come. You have an opportunity start-up a profitable IPTV network.

In an interview with Yahoo News, Former President Obama says a little competition is a good idea:

“It's been tied to the provider, and you rent it and consumers spend billions of dollars on this every single year,”  Obama said. “There hasn't been much innovation”

The effort to open up the set-top box market is just part of a broader effort for the administration.

“The idea is that whether we're talking about financial services, whether we're talking about products like the box on your cable TV — across the board if we have more players who can potentially participate, fewer barriers to entry, the rules aren't rigged, then you get more people trying to get your business and you get better products at cheaper prices,” he said.

This is such a great opportunity, companies like YouTube, Direct TV, Playstation and Facebook in the near future is getting involved in live streaming and On-demand TV programs.

Given the growing number of cord cutters and cord-nevers, particularly when we talk about younger fans, streaming live sporting events is no longer a novelty but a necessity,” said sports business analyst Kristi Dosh.

 How to Make Money in The Rise of Internet Protocol Television

Timing is Everything

Timing is everything. You’ve likely heard this saying before. Since timing is so important, how can you identify good timing?

Well, new opportunities usually arise because of new innovation that inspires others to enter a market. Think of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Netflix or Facebook. If you were able to get in the right time with those companies you would have been a Multi-billionaire.

Another example Bitcoin, according to CNBC if you brought $100 of Bitcoin 7 years ago, you’d be sitting on $75 million now. That mean if you took action and seen an opportunity in 2010 you would have made a huge profit.


Cord Cutting 

How to Make Money in The Rise of Internet Protocol Television

In the last few years, streaming is growing and cord-cutting is becoming a growing popularity. Things like Hulu and Netflix provides content at a low cost and because wireless service is so easy to access, video streaming is attractive, people can watch a video almost anywhere. In addition, most portable electronic devices are easy to bring along.  In fact, many people who tried canceling their cable subscription for similar streaming programs typically end up returning because of no live programming.


Roku stick

I don't know about you, but we always pay attention when new technology arrives and something BIG just happened. While timing is everything, let's say this; Imagine you can get Netflix, Hulu, and LIVE programming all in one. Yes, we said ALL IN ONE! We would like to introduce the next revolution of IPTV, Internet Protocol television,  On-Demand Television.  


New Technology 

Facts about On-Demand Television. Provides streaming programs and LIVE content along with 150-200+ that includes all the popular movie and sports channels that viewers are currently missing just from streaming. All of this at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable and satellite. It gets better, through this service there is no contract, no monthly equipment charge or credit check.  Can we say WoW, now say it backward. 


  • 2 main packages (More available packages at a later date.)
  • Requires high-speed Internet connection - Wi-Fi
  • Will work with any Smart TV with no additional equipment OR any "Non-Smart TV" with Roku 4, and Roku stick. Will soon be available on Amazon stick, Chromecast, and Apple TV. Will also work on any iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone. - Will NOT work with Gaming Systems.
  • Up to Five Simultaneous Devices on 1 account


Rodney Standing in front of optimum to take back cable boxes.
Even in this weather, it's time to get involved in this new technology and cut the cord!!


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