Law Of Attraction – How To Manifest The Life You Desire

I remember when we first heard the meaning of the law of attraction. Our mentors explained to us, the law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. Visualizing whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. They would pull out a book with pictures they cut out from magazines of all the things they would want in their life, from money to life of freedom. Our mentors would always tell us to focus on positive thoughts and have goals that we aim to achieve. Always take action on a plan to where we want to be, and Internal growth must be your focus. Focus on growing, focus on changeNote, this post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
At first, we didn’t take them seriously, but after hearing the same mantra from other like-minded people who also mentioned they use some proven strategies and after reading the book The Secret, we decided to give it a try.

What’s the Secret?

Some of you may have heard of the book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne which swept the world in 2006, has created so much buzz around the law of attraction. The book changed millions of lives and igniting a global movement. The exposure of the concept of the law of attraction escalated after the book was released. The Secret states that; this law will work only if you believe in the secret. But the truth is, the law of attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Law of attraction has been around for centuries and is affecting every moment of our lives. Whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, every second of our existence, we’re sending out our thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have put out.
Before knowing anything about the law of attraction we would always tell people to be careful about what you are sending out to the universe. Sending out the wrong thoughts will attract more unwanted emotions and events into your life. If you fail to learn to use the law attraction, you will continue to struggle.

The beginnings of the law of attraction

We have done some research ourselves on where the law of attraction came from and how it started. Come to find out, the law of attraction goes back a long way. It goes as far back as the middle ages, the Roman Empire, and maybe even Ancient Egypt. From what we have found research shows it is dated back to an Egyptian named Hermes. Hermes was thought of as a god by Egyptians and much of the culture revolves his teachings. There is also a Greek god called Hermes, which we have no evidence if there are any relations to the Egyptian Hermes. The Hermetica is an ancient book that is linked to Hermes and also there is documentation as to when this book was actually written. Hermetica is similar to the Ten Commandments in that it is supposedly instructions from God on how we should live. Much of the information has been destroyed and most of the information is second-hand from the period of the Greeks and Romans which also have been destroyed.
The Hermetica have some very interesting ideas which are similar to the law of attraction. From our research and also from reading the book, The Secret Source that gives you history on the law of attraction.
The Secret Source
Here is what we have found:
  • The universe is full of energy that people can connect to gain power.
  • There is no good or bad. There is a balance in the world of worse or better. Something good to someone may be bad to another. Something that appears bad a first, may turn out to be good later on.
  • Everything has energy and everything is always changing.
  • Most people naturally sway from
Feeling good to feeling bad, but the key is to keep yourself feeling good all the time to reach a higher awareness. It also takes a lot of focus.

The Hermetic teachings still exist today

You can actually find both Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison documented saying, “The brain is a transmitter and receiver of vibrational energy.”
A famous author by the name of Napoleon Hill, wrote the book Think and grow rich shares keys to success from once the richest and successful people in the world.  Andrew Carnegie who led the expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19 century said, The first key is to define your dream”, which is also another way of saying knowing what you want.
You can even find some of this in science studies from school. From what we all learned, every cell of the human body transmits energy, which means our brain can transmit frequency through small particles to other brains instantly. Whatever frequency that you exclude, that exact frequency is pulled towards you and sent back to you as a magnet.
Science even shows everything on earth is made up of atoms. Electrons, which are the negatively charged particles of atoms. Atoms are made up of vibrations, energy, and frequency.
Vibrations exist all around us on this planet. In fact, everything is made up of the same atoms and material.  The brain has the ability to create any frequency we want with our own thoughts and emotions, which affects physical matter. There is a great movie you should watch called What The Bleep Do We Know which will go into more depth into this. (Watch the trailer by clicking here).

How does the Law of Attraction works?

No matter what you looking to achieve in life, if you can hold a thought and see it with your mind, you can make it yours to have…but also with some effort on your part. Likes attract likes. A vibration will attract a similar vibration. The closer the vibrational match, the stronger the magnetic pull. As we explained earlier, whatever frequency that you put out is being pulled back towards you or is attracted to you.
Once we understood the power of law attraction, things start to change in our businesses. We began to manifest our goals and dreams. Writing down our goals, and repeat it to ourselves. Whether it would be our relationship or money we would manifest everything.

How to make the law attraction work for you?

The first thing is knowing what you want in your life. Be very specific in your goals and be clear about what you want to attract into your life. Goal settings are important and we would be going into setting goals as we get towards the end of the year heading into the new year. Most people really don’t know what they want. They haven’t taken the time to plan their lives, their future and their destiny which would all at the end leave their legacy.
The second thing is to have a burning desire for its achievement. After you know exactly what you want, you have to know WHY you want it. People get this confuse but your burning desire is not a want, but a need, something that you can’t wait to have. You want to have an obsession about it and do whatever it takes to have it.
A lack of belief that you can make it happen will send out negative frequency. So doubting yourself and having negative thoughts can hurt you achieving your goals as well. I guess this is why our mentors were pushing us to never have negative beliefs and always ensuring us that we have to have100% certainty and belief that we can manifest what we want. As they say “doubt is the enemy of belief.”
Melissa & Rodney Founder of Diamond Legacy Group

How can you increase your belief for what you want in life?

First, make a list of what you want. Take this seriously. You want to take out a pen and paper to write down the list of things you want. It’s important to write it down and not type it into your iPad or phone. To give you an example, here is our list of things we are planning for the new year of 2018.
  • To move out of Brooklyn, NY and move to New Jersey.
  • To make $20,000/ month income.
  • Rodney to be 170lbs at 10% body fat.
  • Melissa to lose 20lbs
  • Rodney to Leave his current job and become a full-time entrepreneur
  • Melissa to start taking culinary class to grow Legacy Cakery
  • To travel to Jamaica
  • To lower our credit card debt.
  • Rodney to compete in his first armature bodybuilding show
  • To travel to Mexico
  • To grow our relationship stronger
  • To volunteer or donate to a charity
Okay, we’ll stop from there but that is just a few things we love to have or done next year. We’re going to actually start a YouTube video starting Monday, January 1, to show our progress and growth as we build our Legacy. So please subscribe to get notifications when we release videos.
Second, the same list you want to put a number next to each item and scale from 0-10. Each number will represent the level of belief that you have that you will be able to manifest what you want within the new year.
  • To move out of Brooklyn, NY and move to New Jersey. – 10
  • To make $20,000/ month income. – 2
  • Rodney to be 170lbs at 10% body fat. – 9
  • Melissa to lose 20lbs – 9
  • Rodney to Leave his current job and become a full-time entrepreneur – 5
  • Melissa to start taking culinary class to grow Legacy Cakery – 7
  • To travel to Jamaica – 10
  • To lower our credit card debt. – 7
  • Rodney to compete in his first armature bodybuilding show – 5
  • To travel to Mexico – 3
  • To grow our relationship stronger – 10
  • To volunteer or donate to a charity – 9
From what you can see, we have some items at 1 and some at 10. The items at 1 don’t mean we don’t really want it but our doubts of having it or making it happen within in a year may be very slim or will happen a few years down the road. But also you can see we have some items at a high level which means we have a belief and confidence it will happen within the year.
Now, when you number your items, make sure that your belief is between a 7 or 10 for what you want. If your goal doesn’t meet that standard, change it, and look for a stronger belief.
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You can use the same exercise for your desires or what you want. Simply follow the same instruction above.


Vision Boards

I remember when we created our first vision board it was a fun exercise for figuring out exactly what we want in our life. The board contains images and words that manifest with what we want to attract in our way.

There are two great reasons why you should create a vision board, First, the time you spent searching for images and words and attaching them to a board as a personal comment to your desires. By doing this it will help you visualize it put your energy toward your goals.

Secondly, the words and images serve as a great reminder every day of your desires.

As you see below this is our vision board that we see every day and look at to remind us what we want to attract in our lives.

Creating a vision board is simple and easy. Pick up or purchase a couple of magazines or search the internet to find images that represent what you want to attract in your life. Make sure the images connect with you. Attach the images to a board and place to an area you will see it every day. The picture below is located on our front door. Every morning before we leave the house this is what we see.

Melissa & Rodney Vision Board

Are you a believer?

Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams? whether you decide to believe in the law of attraction or not there is evidence to show it works. Most successful people in the world believe in the law of attraction and openly talk about it. As our mentors tell us, you’re taking responsibility for your life, which gives the power to change your thinking and attracting the life you want. Until next time Happy Reading!!

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Law Of Attraction - How To Manifest The Life You Desire
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