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Making the shift from Employee to Entrepreneur is a journey. We’ve come to realize being your OWN BOSS is an Entrepreneur roller coaster but we are definitely up for the challenge. In today's economy, we’re not alone in our thinking and more people than ever before are unhappy with their jobs. People are looking for ways to spend more time with their family or looking for alternative options to get out the rat race. Today's economy is allowing more people to transition from the role of the employee in entrepreneurship. When we came to this conclusion we both were fed up with our current circumstances. We both decided if we want to change how we feel and create a better life for our family we needed to stop pointing fingers and look into the mirror at ourselves. 


In this post, we would like to share 5 tips on where you should start if you are looking into starting your business or family business.


  1. It all starts with YOU! (Personal development)


  • If you are unhappy with your current situation you will have to take a stand and say enough is enough. No one can take that stand but yourself.


  • You will have to grow and build confidence in yourself, which mean read more on personal development. Be ready to handle a lot of rejections.



  1. What is YOUR passion? (The right business for you)


  • Is it something you always dream about or love to talk about? If money wasn’t the number one factor would you do it?


  • Are you just looking for a way out of your current situation and searching for other opportunities or a start up?


  • Give yourself permission to explore options. Don’t jump into something just because… Be willing to give yourself time and listen to your intuition. Ask yourself what give me excitement or energy when I’m tired. Look for what you are good at, what can I do to help solve problems for others.


  1. Business plan (Thinking of a MASTER plan)


  • You have to plan if you want to succeed in business. By having a plan will allow you to stay focus on your goals.


  • Understand your niche, who is your target audience?


  • What’s your objectives, strategies, and steps to achieve your goals?


  1. Understand your Finances


  • Where or how will you get your finances to build your business?


  • Set up your personal accounts in a money management system. You can use capital one savings to take money out automatically weekly or bi-weekly out of your checking accounts.


  • The ability to track your finances. Use Mint.com to help simplify this process.


  1. Network (Your NETWORK is your NET-WORTH)

 Social Media

  • Build a strong team. Like-minded individuals that have the same belief system as you. A network of supporters, partners, advisors, allies, and vendors.


  • Network, Network, and Network… When attending networking events, ask other entrepreneurs what they do and think about how you can help them. The key to this ingredient is to listen more and talk less. Be a problem solver. When they need help or hear of someone needing your services or product, you will be the first person that comes to mind.


If you want to start a business, here are a few basic steps that can take you on that path of being your OWN BOSS. It’s very important to know you are not alone. Reach out and connect with other entrepreneurs. You’ll be surprised, they're more than willing to pass on any knowledge they can share with you. Look for like-minded individuals as yourself. Stay focus and enjoy the ride.



We hope you enjoyed reading our post. As we love hearing from our readers please leave us a comment. Until next time, Happy reading and reaching for your goals.





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