Does the fountain of youth actually exists? Niagen


Does the fountain of youth actually exists? Niagen


What if the fountain of youth really existed and it was available in the form of a pill or drink would you purchase it? Unfortunately, the cruel reality is our cellular energy is highest at birth and decrease dramatically with age. Scientists, however, have identified a “miracle molecule” (NAD+) that enables cells to produce more energy by actually reversing the degenerative effects of aging. While some believe the fountain of youth is a myth, there is something commercially offered that can ultimately delay aging. This breakthrough product is called Niagen, the world’s first and only commercially available B3 vitamin that your body actually converts into essential NAD+.


Does the fountain of youth actually exist?

Produced and patented by ChromaDex, a pharmaceutical company. Niagen® is a form of Niacin or Vitamin B3, it is a supplement with an extremely important role as it is used to increase all the processes that naturally occur in the body by working on a cellular level. Niagen® importance’s is based on managing your NAD+ levels that are naturally produced by your body. When we are young our cells are rich with NAD+, giving us youthful energy and appearance as we age these levels tend to decrease. By maintaining an adequate balance you can help to improve metabolic activities and reverse the signs of aging. This supplement offers many health benefits such as increasing energy, improving cognitive function, cardiovascular health, endurance, and neuroprotection. Overall, it can assist in weight management and lower your cholesterol.


Does the fountain of youth actually exists? Niagen
Dr. Carlos Canto & Dr. David Sinclair

Produced in the United States, the FDA has not approved Niagen® as a health supplement. However, research does show Niagen® to have a most positive effect on human subjects. In a 2014 clinical trial, impending results show potential health and therapeutic benefits. Not to mention, users of the products in their eighties claimed the supplement assisted in them feeling younger by affecting both their bodies and mind. For additional information see news medical. The results of this trial encourage more studies and research creating a significant landmark for Niagen® possibly having a huge impact on how we age and being a benchmark in treating major illness, mental health, and even cancer.


Dr. David Sinclair at TEDx A Cure for Aging?


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