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L.A.C.E.S annual event Party with a Purpose Fundraiser was held in April to raise funds to support their annual Father Daughter dance in June. L.A.C.E.S Inc. is a community-based organization that is serving the Communities of Brooklyn for over 10 years. LA.C.E.S Inc. is an acronym for Ladies about Creating Excellence & Success Incorporated. Working together to empower, inspire and motivate women through team building and communication. L.A.C.E.S Inc. is dedicated to producing cultural events and experiences that will uplift our youth and arouse thought provoking content to educate future generations. Felicia Lee is the selfless beauty and founder behind this organization. Her passion and commitment to provide community services that promotes harm reduction, youth building and non-violence is the reason why so many come out and support her vision. Ms. Lee is a progressive role model that fosters an astrosphere filled with positive interactions and ambitions to problem solve many of issues affecting our neighborhoods. She is deeply rooted in fixing the problem and throughout the years has put together such services and events that include IMG_1696movements to network, mentor, rally and fundraiser. Her upcoming 2nd Annual Father Daughters Dance is an event aimed to encourage fathers and father figures to treat their daughters to a night of dancing and fun. Statistic has shown that a young girl will seek her father’s love first and if she does not find it she may seek it elsewhere. The Father Daughter Dance is focused on highlighting the strong and healthy relationship a daughter should have with her father and teaches young ladies how they should be treated with love and respect. If you would like more information on this  event click here.

We were honored to be vendors at the Party with a Purpose Fundraiser and to show our support all proceed from our cupcake sales went towards the dance. Flavors on the menu included:

Rodney & Melissa

Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting


Chocolate Cupcakes filled with chocolate mousse, frosted with black and white buttercream and drizzled with dark chocolate and topped with mini M&Ms.

Strawberry Cupcakes filled with strawberry cheesecake mousse frosted with pink and vanilla swirl buttercream and drizzled with dark chocolate.

Vanilla Cupcakes filled vanilla mousse frosted with cream cheese and drizzled with caramel sauce.

Henny Mousse

IMG_1699We also featured our new line of Mousse, Henny Mousse a rich and creamy dessert that is decadent and sweet with a nice smooth texture and a hint of Hennesy liquor, it’s so good we wanted the guest to try it and it and it was a hit. To order your own mouthwatering treats or a container of Henny Mousse, click on the Legacy Cakery tab and send us a message, we would love to create something amazing for your next occasion. Thank you L.A.C.E.S Inc. for allowing us to be apart of your amazing event, special takes to all the vendors who took apart in this astounding fundraisers.





Vendor List

leave-us-a-commentWe look forward to the next event, if you live in the area or in close proximity please feel free to stop on by. We hope you enjoyed reading our post should you require additional information please feel free to email us at As we love hearing from our readers please leave us a comment. Until our next post, Happy Reading!

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