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Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to be vendors for a dear friend as she launched her new organization. The Nutressence Network is a nonprofit organization, geared towards empowering women in healthcare to develop their management and leadership skills through mentorship. Through this program, the aim is to provide professional pathways to prominent leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

The Nutressence Network focus is currently in the United States with efforts to open it's doors in Canada. In short, if you are a women between the ages of 19 to 60 who is looking to strengthen their pathways in healthcare or you would like to offer your services as a mentor. Please visit and contact Joanne Sylvestre

We are so proud and excited of what's to come and truly blessed to see Joanne bring her dreams into fruition.

Shifting gears let's talk about what was on the dessert menu. For this event, we made several delicious treats. First an assortment of Cupcakes:

Legacy Cakery Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Oreo buttercream topped with black and white frosting drizzled with dark chocolate and mini chocolate chips. Let's just say, this cupcake is a decedent smorgasbord of chocolaty goodness.

A crowd favorites red velvet with cream cheese frosting. A vanilla cupcake filled with vanilla creme and topped with vanilla buttercream and drizzled with caramel.

Next, we made pretzels rods double-dipped in white chocolate top with black sprinkles and drizzled with white chocolate.

Up next Oreos covered with white chocolate And the Nutressence Network logo on top.

Legacy Cakery Vanilla Covered Pretzels

Last but certainly not least our personal favorite a Legacy Cakery specialty- "Love in a Cup" why yes the chocolate cup is edible. This sensation consists of an edible chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse and topped with strawberries. This tasty treat can be ordered in white, milk or dark chocolate and topped with your choice of mousse and fresh fruit.

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Legacy Cakery Vanilla CupCakes

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