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Growing up entrepreneurship wasn't something that was regularly talked about in both our families, while we had a few relatives that were small business owners. Entrepreneurship wasn't the norm or something looked upon with high regards to pursue. It was more normal for our parents to preach to us, the importance of going to school, getting good grades in order to get a good paying job. As time evolves we are noticing the dynamic shift of more parents supporting the idea of their children becoming entrepreneurs.

The path towards pursuing entrepreneurship

Now, as parents, we want to teach our children the path towards pursuing entrepreneurship as a viable career option. Although our boys are still young we believe now is the time to start the initiation process in order to fully equip their minds to this way of thinking. As we know and understand entrepreneurship is not something they will be taught in school, we have to provide them with the essential tools needed to live in a world that may not agree with this way of living.

As time evolves we are noticing the dynamic shift of more parents supporting the idea of their children becoming entrepreneurs.

Becoming a leader

We believe through entrepreneurship children have the ability to become leaders. Which then transforms them from being employees to employers with the ability to create successful businesses that can then help generate wealth into their communities. Entrepreneurship can also help kids discover the world on their own terms as it can be used to cultivate new ideas and strategies to solve problems, but most importantly it can enhance a child’s self-worth, self-drive and overall feelings of self-accomplishment. While this sounds amazing, how does one teach something if they have never been taught it? How does a parent start the process of exposing their child to entrepreneurship?

Sometimes it's easier to do a thing than to teach it. Here are a few books we found useful in getting the process started.


Kidpreneurs by Matthew and Adam Toren
is a great place to start as it provides children with tools to understand money management, owning a small business and financial independence. It breaks down difficult concepts into fun easy to read ideas that most children can comprehend and follow.

Raising Can-Do Kids: Giving Children the Tools to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World by Richard Rende, Ph.D. and Jen Prosek
This book helps parents raise kids who embrace challenges head on and find was to make an adventure out of everyday opportunities. This book shows parents how they can nature certain qualities in your child to build future entrepreneurs

Teaches children how to develop skills in creating a small business by providing them with steps to take to start their own entrepreneurial journey. This book shows parents how children can start being an entrepreneur at a young age and inspires kids to see and participate in an entrepreneurial experience. 

Entrepreneurship is not easy

As the path towards entrepreneurship is not easy here are a few tips from successful entrepreneurs to guide parents along the way.

Sir Richard Branson

Allow your child's passion and drive to fuel them along the way, these are the tools that will help them stay focused on this journey. 
Give your child time to think about what drives them and the area, subject or industry they want to create in. What mostly interest them about that area and how can their talent be used to solves problems in that industry. 

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Mark Cuban 

To succeed, you don’t need qualifications, money or a planet-sized brain. All you need is to create something that consistently makes money.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so don't worry about making mistakes.
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness seek clarification from mentors and experts in order to gain the knowledge needed to obtain valuable insight to solve the problem. The solution may not come to you overnight. 
Give yourself and your idea time to manifest itself. no matter how big, don't give up. 
Know that you’re not alone, and get good at jumping over the many hurdles that are headed your way

When awakening, the ideas of entrepreneurship within your children it's always good to start with their interest and work on educating them on basic business. In the beginning, you want your children to understand that making money doesn't always come easy and setting objectives and planning strategically can help them turn a small idea into a lucrative business venture. By encouraging them to dream big opens the door for endless possibilities and also creates a special bond between you and your child during the process. 
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