The Belief First Start With You Positive Affirmation

The Belief First Start With You Positive Affirmation Cover


The Belief First Start With You Positive Affirmation 


What is positive Affirmation?


- The power of your subconscious Mind

- The power of positive thinking

- The power of positive energy

- The power of positive words

- The power of positive self-talk


When used correctly, they can completely change your belief and change your life. But if used incorrectly, it can be a disaster for your life.


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If you are a person that was never told just how special you are and unique individual you are, that everything you want to become can come true. How normal it is to have dreams outside of the norm, and how much you matter to this world, well, this blog post is just for you.



What matters most is how you see yourself.

- It's Possible

- I Will…

- I Can

- I will make it happen

- I am confident

Stay away from words,

- Think I can

- I hope

- I will try


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A person who is perhaps shy or not confident and doesn't believe in themselves should repeat these positive affirmations.
It's important that you commit to making positive affirmations part of your everyday habits or routine.


1. Morning Routine

When you wake up say some positive affirmations as part of your morning routine to get your mindset and belief system working for you each day.



2.  Regular Activity

Use "The Compound Effect" using regular moments over time will create a habit and over time, they will become natural.


3.  Steps to speak positive affirmations

- VISUALIZE yourself as to how you want to be by closing your eyes.

- FEEL how you want to feel by stating that positive affirmation.

- SPEAK how you would when living that affirmation when you feel it, you will feel the difference in yourself, you will see the different results, and your core beliefs will transition over time and you will no longer need those positive affirmations. You will naturally become those beliefs...


If you want to be successful in life, have a mindset of a winner. You have to have the heart of a lion,  positive, fierce, proud, fearless, strong, brave and happy person without shame, learn how to be confident. Love and approve of yourself with these few steps and you will come out as a champion.


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