Tis the Season: tips on handling the cold and flu season

For a cold, runny nose, a cough and the best of them all getting the flu.  Most parents know as we send our kids off to school to learn, far too often they come back home with more knowledge and a special friend called a cold. Through frequent proper hand washing techniques, we can help to prevent some of these ailments. Did you know germs could live on surfaces for days?


Tis the Season: tips on handling the cold and flu season

A good rule of thumb to prevent a cold is showing children how to cough and sneeze into a tissue and have them immediately throwing it away and proceed to wash their little hands in the bathroom. Let’s just say our tiny tots are works in progress as they haven’t totally grasped this concept. Hey, they are only two and three years. Honestly, I really think they like the feeling of snot coming down their noses as licking it…eww, so gross right, apologize for the visual.


As huge supporters of prevention, we constantly reinforce the technique at home but sometimes when you are out and about and unable to get a tissue in their hands fast. A great alternative we’ve been trying teach is “The Dracula.” Basically, it’s when, Dracula puts his cape in front of his mouth, and says, “I’ve come to suck your blood”. This technique shows kids how to cough or sneeze into the crack of their arm instead of expelling their germs to others in public. Here is a great video below:



Facts! According to lifescience.com did you know when you sneeze as many as 40,000 droplets are expelled out of your nose and some reaching 200 miles per hour at rocket speeds, these droplets can be so tiny they can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Immune system

Catching a cold has its benefits as it allows the immune system to program and identify unknown pathogens in order to figure out how to deal with it. It gives your body the ability to build a super defense, which in the end permits it to heal on its own. There are a lot of natural ways we can support and strengthen our immune system. Which in the end will help to minimize the frequency and duration of colds and flu within your household?


  1. Encouraging your kids to eat foods rich in antioxidants, like blueberries. Ranked second behind Strawberries in popularity. Blueberries help to improve motor skills, reverse short-term memory and can help reduce the risk of infections. Filled with fabulous antioxidants adding some delicious Blueberries in their next shake or smoothie can help boost their immune system and makes for a sweet nutritional treat. Pssst….. they are deliciously awesome when frozen.


  1. Did you take your vitamins? Like adults, kids also need an adequate amount of vitamins to boost their immune system. While eating a balanced diet and drinking adequate amounts of water will help to strengthen their system. If your child doesn’t eat the adequate amount, adding a multivitamin and an extra dose of Vitamin C during the flu season can also give their little bodies that extra lift it needs to combat germs. Consult with your pediatrician if you are concern about your child’s health and cold/flu symptoms.


baby-child-kid-girl-min3. Not getting enough sleep can wear on the immune system, making kids vulnerable to bacteria and germs. School-age kids typically need between 10 to 14 hours of sleep. While this goal may seem far-fetched and unreachable as kids nowadays have so many extracurricular activities. By setting a time period for them to wind down, may allow the body to recoup making them less susceptible to infections. One suggestion is to start the process early possibly an hour prior to bedtime in which all electronic devices come off. This may help to decrease over stimulation to allow your child body the ability to relax in order to get adequate sleep.


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