Our Top 10 Social Media Tools To Grow Your Business

Our Top Social Media Tools To Grow Your Business


Over the past 9 months, we were able to organically grow our Instagram page from 80 followers to now well over 3K followers by using a couple of different social media tools and services. We’ve seen an increase in all three accounts- Instagram, Twitter, and our Facebook page. Some tools, of course, are more helpful than others but it’s always awesome when you can find a great tool that can help push you forward a little faster than before.


According to DreamGrow, social media numbers are on the rise, last updated on February 17, 2017, Facebook reported 70 million more monthly active users, increasing to a total of 1.86 billion. While  Instagram announced 600 million users and Twitter at 313 million.


Top 10 Social Media Tools
Create a facebook fan page to create an Instagram business account

So if you are a business owner, either brick & mortar or creating a side hustle online you should definitely have a presence on social media.


For your convenience, we’ve put all of the best social media tools and services we’ve found helpful in a single post. There are NOT hundreds of tools listed because we believe, you don’t need hundreds of tools to grow your audience. All it takes is that one great tool that can catapult your success and grow your business and it may very well be listed here in this post.


Remember don’t just rely on social media tools. You have to be consistent with the context of your page, engaging with your audience and also network with other like-minded people to grow your business.


We will keep this post updated as much as possible for you and remove or add things to it several times each month.


Our Top 10 Social Media Tools To Grow Your Audience  



Website: https://www.canva.com

We really love Canva! As this site conveniently provides modern, pre-made templates and layouts already done for you. What’s great about this tool is your ability to customize a page by quickly creating graphics and choosing any template that catches your eye or if you prefer, you can start from scratch. Canva is our number #1 platform recommendation for creating graphics designs. This service is free but if you want to use more features you will have to pay a monthly fee of $12.99.



If we are on the road and want to post text to a photo we use Phonto. Phonto app is very easy to use on the go. It not only allows you to add text but allows for easy cropping capabilities as well as applying filters to your photo. Similar to Canva but with better picture quality. You can also add your own font selection. This feature is by far the most extensive you will find in any free photo editing app. In the beginning of building our IG account, this was our top app we used to grow our account.



The name alone sounds cool! This app generates cool text, words, and quotes on your photos. You can create beautiful custom text layouts that would normally take hours with just a few taps. Wordswag comes with hundreds of inspiring quotes, thoughts, and jokes. If you want a graphic designer in your pocket, get Wordswag.



This app is the video version of Phonto with almost the same features but the difference is it is geared towards videos. There are an enormous amount of fonts and styles to choose from. The video is exactly square. Which is great for Intagram posting and you can’t crop it. We use this app to add custom text to our videos.



Do you want sleek, powerful and beautiful design tool for Instagram? This is a great app to end those ugly Insta page designs. The UNUM toolkit helps you plan your Instagram feed and grow followers. UNUM is free but there are more add-ons, select planning $4.99 and Elite for $6.99.


Facebook now reports 70 million more monthly active users, increase a total of 1.86 billion. Instagram announces 600 million users and twitters at 313 million.



Top 10 Social Media Tools
Instagram is a great opportunity for business

Website: https://www.buffer.com

We discovered Buffer about 2 years ago and it’s actually our go-to for scheduling our post. Buffer is a software application that will help you manage your social media accounts. We prefer Buffer over Hootsuite because of its features and it’s easy to maneuver. One of the features we love is “Share Next.” We schedule posts from this blog and other blog sites such as Pocket to go out on a scheduled timeframe to our social media platforms we are connected too.



The name alone explains the app, Repost is very simple to use. There are tons of repost apps you can get for free for Instagram. It’s very easy and simple to use but if you want to get rid of the tag, unfortunately, you will have to pay for the pro version.



We use this app strictly for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you’re looking for the latest news or a story to share this is a great all in one media app.      



Website: https://www.evernote.com

Evernote remains one of the best for note taking and syncing services, it is a great tool that can syncs across many devices. Evernote has been the leader in this arena as it remains as our favorite app to use for organizing our Instagram posts for the month. We are able to share the information with each other or our team for proofread and structure before sending out the post.


Video Cache

Is a great application to download videos from YouTube or Facebook right to your phone. We use this app to download video and transfer to iMovie for editing.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog!

PS: As we mention earlier in this post, social media require you to SOCIALIZE!! We know this sounds redundant. However, many of us forget this aspect. Tools are only half of the lesson to grow your IG account. If you are interested how to get more followers on Instagram, please click SUBSCRIBE

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