16 Ways to Make Extra Money in of 2017

16 Ways to Make Extra Money in the Summer of 2017


Are you looking for ways to make extra money this summer? YES! Then you come to the right post. When we decided to start a side hustle in 2015, we were able to increase our monthly income to help pay for utility bills and daycare for our boys. Note this post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.


While this may not seem like much making a little extra can make a significant difference when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Our mission is to promote ways to make extra money and empower others to build a future in order to build a legacy. The middle class is facing a big problem and our goal is to help by finding a solution. We have seen first hand too many families make what you would call a decent salary by ordinary standards get stuck in this vicious cycle of struggling to get by, rather than living life to the fullest with no financial plan in place or strategy to generate income for  short and long term needs or even an emergency fund.


Why should you make extra income?

  • No Time
  • In Debt
  • Underpaid
  • Overworked
  • Bad Economy


Stop Procrastination – Take Action Now!

The “I’ll do that later” prevents a multitude of great accomplishments. It robs you of time, money and true success.


Whether you have an hour of free time or 20 + hours per week, there are many options for you can consider when it comes to making extra income.


Start a successful Blog

Blogs can generate tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month when done right. But again we must reiterate isn’t that easy to get there. You have to find your niche, learn SEO, create great content and be consistent. When you look back a year from now you’ll wish you started today. You can start your own blog with a step by step guide here. Alex and Lauren owner of Avocadu and Create and Go built blog platforms which generate over 6 figures monthly. To learn more click Launch your Blog

Answer Surveys

Here are some great survey companies we would recommend.

All companies listed above are free to join, we suggest you sign up and register for each survey as payouts can vary from $25 to $250 per survey. This a great way to make money on the side without doing much.

Post on Social Media

Do you have a large following or are you an influencer? If the answer is yes, you can charge other companies to post an ad to your social media account and charge a fee. Great way to generate extra money on the side. We recommend  sponsored tweets by Izea 

Create a course

If you want to make money online, creating an online course is the way to go! Melissa is actually working on her online baking course. Online courses are very popular right now and anyone can create one. And Yes, we mean anyone! If you think you have nothing to teach, we are pretty sure you do! A great online platform to use is Teachable, we highly recommend it.

Network Marketing

If you are a social person and have no problem talking to people outside of your friends and family about making extra money, you should consider joining a network marketing company. As we shift into the digital era with social media at the forefront, it is becoming easier to build a team online than building the traditional way in the dens and living rooms of someone’s home. The next generation of network marketers is utilizing their phones to capitalize on future prospects and socialize online. It is now easier to train and show products as well as lifestyle videos through live feeds on Facebook, Instagram or Periscope right from the comfort of your own home.


If you enjoy going out and meeting people attending events through meet-ups is a great way to meet and greet those who might be interested in your opportunity.  Think about it, over the summer while having fun you can build a network and make money at the same time!

Edit content

Do you get irritated when you read a blog and you find grammar issues? If the answer is yes, editing content might just be up your alley. Web sites, books, and courses all need editors. We recently used an editor for our post. Ms.Tennille was able to catch grammar and spelling issues that slip from through the cracks. It’s always great to have a second or third eye to look over your work, and this is a great way to make extra money.

Edit Content

Online Publishing

This is a great source of passive income. You can create novels over the summer online. Online publishing doesn’t require any previous marketing or business experience. If you want to pursue online publishing through Amazon Kindle we recommend you take a step by step training to learn how to make money with Kindle. Stefan James a 6 figure Kindle publisher will give you his step by step system for earning passive income with Kindle publishing through his K Money Mastery program.

Become an Uber driver.

With all the turmoil and chaos happening at uber it is still a great company to making extra money with on the side by driving others around during your spear time.To learn more about becoming a driver click here.

Life Guard

We have a private pool in at our residence and every year our building hires lifeguards. If you are a great swimmer and looking for a side gig think about becoming a lifeguard.

Amazon Flex driver

Amazon is at it again, giving you an opportunity to “Be Your Own Boss.”  If you want to make money using your own car, but don’t like the idea of picking up a bunch of strangers? Amazon might have just the gig for you. Become a flex driver as the only thing you are picking up are packages. If you’d like to drive for Amazon Flex, sign up now and Amazon will contact you when it starts recruiting drivers in your area.

Amazon Seller

Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) business. Amazon will pick, pack and ship your orders to your consumers, and you’ll have enormous exposures to a buzzing marketplace where products are sold every day. If a product is going to sell, it’s going to sell very well on Amazon. Amazing Selling Machine is a great educational platform to teach you step by step instructions on how to successfully create an online business through Amazon. 

Property Manger

Think of a property manager as a house sitter but actually getting compensation for your duties. The responsibilities of a property manager vary based on their salary and the specific terms of their management contract but it can include but are not limited to the following, Responsible for collecting rent, communicating with tenants, supervision and maintaining records.

Become a virtual assistant

If you don’t mind having a computer based position that requires you to have one boss being a virtual assistant is a job for you. Basically, you get paid for doing the task for someone else’s business. You can also work from anywhere you desire using your Laptop. Make sure you do some research first before accepting any virtual assistant job.

Online store

Build your own online store using different eCommerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce. Both platforms make it easy to build a transactional website from start to finish and have it running within hours without any hassle. 

Walk dogs and pet sit for extra money

Are you a pet lover, do you mind spending your days with animals? if so, you definitely want to look into making dog walking your side hustle. What it entails is going over to your client’s house and taking the dogs out for a walk or babysitting for a couple of hours. Great side gig for the animal lovers.

Walking dogs

Sell your stuff on Decluttr.

Do you have old cell phones, CDs and  DVDs gathering dust in a drawer somewhere? You may be able to sell them on Decluttr! Decluttr is the fast, free and easy way to sell your unwanted items cell phone, games and books for cash money!


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