Weight Loss Challenges: Do They Work?


Losing weight can be tough and for a period of time when you turned on your television competitions to lose weight dominated the airwaves. Everyone was getting in on the craze and biggest loser challenges were being formed amongst friends, families, and colleagues. People were sharing their results and overall looking and feeling better than they’ve ever looked and or felt in years. Unfortunately, the dust has settled and most of these shows have become fond memories. As the saying goes all good things must come to an end. Which leads me to my question,  Do weight loss challenges really work? From our own experience and observation, those who compete in these challenges either kept the weight off for a period of time or gain significantly more weight than when they originally started.



Typically competitors in a 6 to 10-week challenge may pick up slightly unhealthy habits by using quick fixes or starvation tactics in order to lose more weight before weigh-in day. In the end, you see a large number of people who feel inadequate with thoughts of failure. They have come to dread the weigh-ins and perhaps participating in the program entirely. They may be in worse shape after trying to lose weight quickly and as a result aren’t any closer to being healthier.


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The fact is weight loss challenges can be a great catalyst to losing weight but they are not the end all to be all to weight loss. While we consider ourselves to be a competitive family, we understand there is more to weight loss than just shedding pounds. It’s about creating a culture of wellness which makes being a healthy part of your everyday routine. Our perspective on weight loss is to create a happier and healthier lifestyle that consists of educating and providing resources and not solely focusing on the number on the scale.


By approaching weight loss with this type of attitude we believe our overall achievement to lose weight will be far greater. Additionally, by changing our focus from weight loss being temporary and presuming it’s going to be over our lifespan, allows for better results in achieving our ultimate weight loss goals. Unfortunately, we live in a society in which most are looking for instant gratification and quick results. Sometimes the end results we seek are not microwaveable and are only received through consistency, determination and following through to the very end and not by following the trend. Here are our tips for approaching weight loss from a wellness perspective.

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1. Have Fun – make your meals fun and colorful no one says you have to have a black and white approach to weight loss.


2. Stay Hydrated – you should be drinking at least half of your body weight. With that being said you should be aiming for 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.


3. Get some rest – being sleep deprived can alter your hormone levels which can promote belly fat


4. Develop a strategy – to lose weight you can’t wing it or freestyle. Meal prep for the week and also bring those concepts to the weekend. Don’t overindulge but take some time and plan your meals and don’t let the entire weekend turn into a cheat day.



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Weight Loss Challenges: Do They Work?

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