Why you MUST attend your company’s convention

Why you MUST attend your company's convention

Company’s annual events play a huge part in your success in network marketing, that's why it’s important you attend every company's convention. Regardless of your circumstances, you must find a way to go. Note, this post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Why this blog post?

Despite the fact that we currently are no longer actively build a network marketing team we want to share our experience in the industry. When we first joined our company we missed our first nationals convention because one we did not know the importance of attending and second our excuse was financial reasons, as we were not prepared to go at the time.

Everyone who is earning attends and the people who do not attend fail or quit. What does that mean, if you are skipping, there is a high percentage you are not going to succeed in this profession. You might as well quit now and make it easy for your sponsor.

The Benefits of attending Convention

We guarantee that you will NEVER find any of the top earners that have NEVER been to their company convention!

If you want to make MONEY you must go. Our mentor said it best,

You can either have EXCUSES or make MONEY, but you can’t have both.Click To Tweet


Tishina Anderson is mentoring us on the importance of personal development.

The Benefits of attending Convention
  • Learn from the BEST of the BEST top leaders
  • Meet and network with your team or the people in your company and industry
  • Build up your belief in your profession
"“Forget the cost...the price you pay for not showing up is far too great!” - Eric Worre"

Also by attending, you will get to learn what your company is about, you will get to meet people who overcome obstacles and have made it in network marketing, you will learn more about your products and services, you will hear about company's new promotions first by attending, and this is the most important out of all. YOU will realize that you CAN succeed in network marketing from all the training and self-development over the past few days.

After your company's convention, you will be fired up as your convention works as a buffer in building confidence in your own ability to be great.

  • You will immediately get customer and sponsor new partners
  • Your team will be fired up and ready to move
  • Your business will grow much faster
Why you MUST attend your company's convention
Melissa at Rodney at Eric Worre, Go Pro training event.

One of the things we decide to do this year for ourselves and the team is to create a traveling account in which we can add funds to use for lodging and amenities during our next convention. We are using this helpful process as a preventive method in order to prevent us from coming up with excuses and bailing out as the event approaches.

Life will always get in your way

You will always have obstacles and situations that will just pop out from nowhere, that is just the circle of life. But before you get distracted and come up with another reason as to why you can’t attend your next company's convention. Remember, this is your business and to grow, you have to invest time and money. NO one is holding you back but yourself. So book your ticket NOW!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event and on the beaches of the world!

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While there is an abundance of information to be found on company event, we hope this post was helpful in providing a simple breaking down of why it's important to attend company events.

Thank you for reading as we appreciate our audience!

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Why you MUST attend your company's convention
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