When Food Meets Music With William E Keeby

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When Food Meets Music With William E Keeby
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Who is William Keeby?

With his passion for life as big as his generous heart our next featured guest on Diamond Spotlight Monday Mr. William E Keeby CEO of Truth Falls Audio and co-owner of the MAC Shack NY is not only cooking up new recipes in the kitchen but innovative sounds in the studio. As a Recording Consultant/ Composer / Engineer/ Producer and Developer. Keeby is doing big things in his industry. A former member of the New York Boys Choir. He has performed on Broadway, national television, and across the eastern coast of the United States. With over 15 years of Production, Sound Design and Engineering experience, there is no assignment William Kebby can't start, tackle and complete.

Designed by Musicians for Musicians, Truth Falls Audio

is the ultimate playground for musicians to compose, arrange and create the best music possible. With highly trained and skilled professionals on his team. Truth Falls Audio is providing clients with proficiency that ranks above the rest. Making Keeby's multi-platform business model unstoppable among his competitors.

Mac Shack 

Dedicated to creating mind-blowing Macaroni and Cheese with a modern twist, The MAC Shack is offering one of a kind cheesy artisan blend mac and cheese combos with a touch of classic flare. Aimed to provide his clients with a wow factor in every bite. The MAC Shack is committed to using the finest of ingredients by partnering up with local vendors to source the various foods and drinks items offered by the establishment. Devoted to keeping their concept fresh, exciting and always on the cutting edge of the food and beverage industry you can always expect a unique dining experience from the MAC Shack. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, be sure to visit this local Clinton Hill dive. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, be sure to visit this local Clinton Hill dive.
William E Keeby Co-Founder of Mac Shack
William E Keeby Co-Founder of Mac Shack

The Interview?

What made you get started in your industry?

When I got into both industries it was because I had a passion for it and they both was an everyday part of my life. Growing up, my grandparents and parents are both avid music lovers. Both my grandmothers and my grandfather were amazing cooks. I grew in both households listening to Gospel, Jazz, RnB and rock and roll.


Walk us through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did?

The first thing I did as far as the music was find someone who believed in my work ethic to teach me things. I didn't care if I had to sit up until the wee hours of the morning to learn because I was so passionate about what I was learning. I was lucky enough to have some patient mentors who even invested in my first piece of equipment. I didn't have much money and one gave me the money to buy it and taught me how to use it. Ironically I just bought that same piece back a few weeks ago. I continued to study under some very talented people until meeting my last mentor. He was a multi-platinum mixing engineer that I met through a mutual client. They invited me over one day while the young woman was recording after hearing something I produced and has been a great mentor and friend ever since. I  literally fell into my current position as a sound designer for some music heavyweights and my company Truth Falls Audio. One of my former interns became the music liaison at Stadium Red studios formerly in Harlem. Thru him I was introduced to Producers Like Just Blaze, Maki, and Omen. I also met Ryan West. All were are very humble and grounded. During that same period, I was introduced to Illmind thru the producer Newo the Kid which lead to my first commercially released software called Rumpshaker in partnership with Illmind. Currently, I am about to release a solo software release for my company. It is a very tense but exciting time as the design is brand new and created for musicians by musicians. 


As far as the restaurant and cooking aspect, that was more a labor of love that I didn't know I had. My grandmothers were always cooking something and I was always curious. When my father's mother started to have health issues and she asked me to the job of cooking and watching the younger kids. Between her and my favorite aunt, they coached me on the skills to make delicious food. Along the way, my mother's pans paid the price. RIP Mom's Pans. By 12, I had to cook my first Thanksgiving dinner. Ironically it would be the last with my grandmother as she passed away that next year and my aunt the year before. My other grandmother always told me to keep cooking and shared pearls of wisdom between wheel of fortune and the Knicks games. I proceeded to continue cooking and even tried to go to cooking school but life had other plans. I picked up cooking again in my 20s after getting injured and all they had on that I like was HGTV and the Food Network. I started experimenting and looking for new things to make. Currently, I am a co-owner of Mac Shack ( A macaroni and cheese inspired eatery) located at 901 Fulton Street in Brooklyn and  168-18 Jamaica Ave in Queens.


What do you consider are your specialty?

My specialty is BBQ and mac. pasta is my muse as far as my cooking. I do a mean Hennessey cake as well.
My specialty as far as music is crafting songs for potential clients and creating new sounds for my commercial offerings


Do you see yourself making this full-time?

Honestly, this is already my full-time life. I love what I do and try to do what I love. Be the best at what you want to be.


What can we always expect from your company/brand?

from my brand, you can always expect diligence and hard work to put out the best product within our capabilities. We strive to have a great customer experience and an interactive one that is enjoyable for all.


What tips can you recommend that you’d most likely only share with a close friend or comrade on success?

The best advice I got was to depend on myself and prep like it is your last. Most people only prepare for the short term. A good business person always has to have a short term and long term plan. This is something that you can use in your everyday life and I have since it was told to me. A lot of people have a tendency to say they can do something to look important without having the faculty to get it done. When you invest in yourself the only person that can let you down is you.

"Success is a two edged sword. Most people want it but few are ready for it when they obtain it." Only the wisest of the strong can survive the trials and tribulations of a normal day.

Favorite online resources such as Evernote or Dropbox that you use for your business?

I used Dropbox Religiously and YouTube.


Can you recommend one or two books that have been influential in your life?

Robert Kiyosaki Chose to be rich was a very influential book.


When Food Meets Music With William E Keeby

What can we expect from you and your company/brand in the next 5 years?

I am not sure what to expect of me in the next five years as I am constantly evolving as a business owner, a person, and mentally. Anything is possible when you do not put a limit to what you can come up with.


What do you think will be the next big change or shift in your industry?

As far as from a musical aspect I believe that music is starting to move back to its more organic roots. Musicianship is key in putting back the feel, the vibe and the love in music.
As far as the food industry, I believe there is going to be a surge in food trucks and pop-up restaurants.


If a young entrepreneur walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

I would tell the young entrepreneur that they should follow their dreams and ask questions. If they want to learn something about a given field, see if you can get a sit down with someone in the field. Go to events and conferences that interest you. Again ask as many questions as you can so you can better understand what you want to learn. You can use YouTube for tutorials, hints, and tricks. Read books as you can always go to a library or Barnes and Nobles. Information is readily available if you seek it. 


How do you define a legacy and what are you doing right now to create one?

A legacy is in the hearts and minds of the people you touch and come in contact with. We learn and grow with those who we leave a part of us with. As we get old our experiences and memories are the legacy we leave. Anyone can be a part of your legacy because it is the experiences we have the create a legacy.

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Keeby is passionate about his community and remains committed to improving the quality of life in Brooklyn. When you think of Mr. Keeby you know you are getting the best of both worlds. As he mixes a bit of old school flavor with something of the new, leading to the development of his own creation. We are excited to feature a phenomenal entrepreneur who is giving back and leaving his mark on the world. As he continues to thrive to influence and empower others. If you are looking for a sound engineer or want to taste one of the best Mac and Cheese in Brooklyn please contact Keeby at truthfallsaudio@gmail.com or info@macshackny.com. Be sure to follow him on social media and please visit Truth Falls and Mac Shack. 

We hope you enjoy reading as it was an honor to interview such a purpose driven individual until next time. Happy Reading!!

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William E Keeby Co Founder of Mac Shack


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